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NARI University is designed to help you make your company more profitable, navigate the critical issues facing the remodeling industry and identify industry and product trends. You will need to click on Event Registration at the top of each topic page to complete the registration process.

All NARI University events will run from noon to 1 p.m. Central Standard time.




Straight from the certifications

Key topics from our certification study groups are delivered for those who want to make their business more efficient and profitable—but don’t have the time to invest in the full certification prep process.

Up coming webinars


February 23, 2016 Noon CT:  Online Marketing/Reputation Management

Tips by HomeAdvisor: Maximize your online presence. Gain a competitive edge.

Did you know that 95% of homeowners go online to research options before hiring a pro? Having an online presence is more than a best practice – it’s crucial to stay in front of the competition. Discover how you can maximize your business’ web presence and start winning more jobs.

This webinar is designed to help you:

  •   Maintain a successful online presence
  •   Gather powerful reviews
  •   Stand out from your competition



March 24, 2016 Noon CT:  Design and Remodel Homes to Make Life Easier: Lessons from the Universal Design Living Laboratory.

Incorporating universal design in remodeling projects results in homes that are more convenient, accessible, functional, peaceful and safe for everyone during every stage of life — regardless of age, size, or physical ability. Find out what works, what sells, and where the challenges are from Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D, general contractor and owner of the Universal Design Living Laboratory, the top rated universal design home in North America. Rosemarie’s information-packed, interactive program will identify, room by room, what features can be added or changed to give clients total access, independence and peace-of-mind. Through this virtual tour and presentation, remodelers will gain a different sense of space planning and accessibility from the perspective of a person who uses a wheelchair.

Many clients are looking to remodel their homes to create their “forever home.” Remodelers who can counsel clients about universal design features and benefits, important to present and future housing needs, are in a better position to attract and keep clients for life. Conversations need to include a discussion about the importance of universal design and how homes that include these features will better serve the homeowners in the present, as well as in the future. See the research supporting a higher resale value and faster home sales when universal design features are included. Explore the costs versus value that universal design features add to a remodeled home. Come away able to communicate the concepts of universal design to your clients, and articulate smarter design solutions that provide independence for your clients with multiple needs and abilities.




April 26, 2016 Noon CT:  Hire Expectation- how to hire the right workers that fit your company.




These Webinars are free but require registration.


Recorded webinars
Conversations That Get Results

In this interactive, dynamic presentation, Vicki Suiter shows participants how to:

  • Build a great organization with top-performing employees
  • Get people to do what they say they’ll do
  • Motivate others to take effective action
  • Have honest, frank conversations with staff, clients and colleagues that build lasting relationships.
  • Get clear alignment and agreement on goals and deadlines

You'll leave Vicki Suiter's breakthrough talk with...

... new tools and resources that generate more consistent results with teams, along with easy-to-use strategies that effect positive change in the workplace. Vicki doesn’t just give participants tips and techniques, she provides the thinking and practices that help build great leaders, manager and employees.

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Setting up an internal Training Program

Learn the ins and outs of developing a training program that supports your business needs, meets regulatory requirements, and develops your employee's skills. Bill Robinson of Train2Build will give you the insight to meet your needs.

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Sales Training

Are you tired of hearing that your prospects need to “think it over” when you know they are just going to take all your information and shop your price around?  Do you find yourself ‘following up’ with prospects that have your bid, but can’t get them to make a decision….or even take your call?  Are you frustrated with doing a ton of ‘free consulting’ for a prospect only for them to take your work and use another contractor?

If so, join us for our November webinar with Tim Barry from Sandler Training.  As a former contractor and business owner, Tim has sold over $25MM in exterior home improvements, basement waterproofing and custom homes.  Today, he is a Master Sandler Sales Trainer who is teaching tradesman and contractors how to change the rules of the game with homeowners and helping to dramatically improve closing rates, profit margins and sales predictability.”

The webinar will cover

a)         how to uncover the home owner’s real reason to buy
b)         how to discover their true budget
c)         how to fully understand the decision making process as the sales person attains equal business footing with their prospect.

The time to stop being reduced to a commodity is now!  Join us for this one hour, interactive webinar!”

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Confined Spaces -- The new OSHA Rules

OSHA has added a new subpart (Subpart AA) to provide protections to employees working in confined spaces in construction. This new subpart replaces OSHA’s one training requirement for confined space work with a comprehensive standard that includes a permit program designed to protect employees from exposure to many hazards associated with work in permit-required confined spaces, including atmospheric and physical hazards. Please join this webinar to learn what those hazards might be and how to address them.

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NFRC-- Understanding Window Rating labels

This presentation delivered by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) helps people understand how windows, doors, and skylights improve our quality of life by making residential and commercial buildings more comfortable and energy efficient while contributing to green building and sustainability and also delivering many health and human performance benefits.

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Understanding your Businesses Metrics 

Have you ever wondered what really makes your business work?

We are having a one-hour webinar with Henry Goudreau, C.S.L., author, business coach, speaker and founder of HG & Associates, Inc. Henry has been coaching contractors for over 20 years and has developed a proven method to understanding what makes your business work.

In this one-hour webinar, he will show you what business metrics are, how to develop them,  and what metrics you need to understand to instantly improve your remodeling business.

He’ll cover:

  • Exactly why you want to know your business metrics, and how to leverage them for your success.
  • What metrics you need to focus on.
  • How you can easily drive more money to your bottom-line by using your business metrics.

If you ever dreamed of owning a remodeling business that works for you, this is the MUST-HAVE webinar you need to attend.

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