2015 NARI Chapter Grant Program Winners

by Patti Amari, Membership Manager

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the new 2015 NARI Chapter Grant Program!  With an expectation of 10-15 submissions, we were ecstatic when we received 52 applications from 22 chapters. Thank you to all of the chapters and their volunteers who took the time to put together an entry and to the Membership Committee for assuring that the initiative was implemented.

The Chapter Grant Program ignited creativity and produced several “out of the box” award winning concepts which will be shared with all NARI chapters in the coming weeks.  Our judges were two independent association executives whose backgrounds include applying for grant monies; the judges were not affiliated with the remodeling/construction industry.

The Chapter Grant Program budget was $20,000 and it was divided amongst these winners.

  • Know Your Numbers – NARI of Idaho
  • NARI Scavenger Hunt . . . What is the Missing Piece to Your Success – Kansas City NARI
  • Off Broadway NARI Tour . . . With Three Show-Stopping Locations – Kansas City NARI
  • NARI Knows! – NARI of Bucks-Mont
  • Monetizing NARI Name Recognition – DelChester NARI
  • Develop Prospect Tracking System – NARI of Madison
  • Standardized  Contract Templates – NARI of Madison

Congratulations and watch for more details about these winning projects.

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