30 Little Ways To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition

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Kyle Hunt, from Remodel Your Marketing, put together this clever list of ways that remodelers can be remarkable, wow clients, and build a business you are proud of.

  1. Send a thank you card after the initial meeting (and other times.)
  2. Present a personalized gift to them when the job is done.
  1. Take that call from them at 9:00 at night.
  1. Ask more questions then everyone else so you know their needs better than everyone else.
  1. Require excellence (and nothing less!) from your employees and trades people.
  1. Send a “Happy Birthday!” Card in the mail when their new kitchen turns 1-year old.
  1. Build a network of trusted professionals and referring them to your clients when asked.
  1. Call  them 6 months after the job is done to ask how everything is going.
  2. It’s making your customer happy – no matter the cost (of time or money.)
  1. Call them back within the hour.68656,1212890784,1
  1. It’s emailing them back that afternoon.
  1. Invite your clients to a “Timber Raising” event, a “Behind the Drywall” tour, a “Document Shredding” event, or anything else that is fun and interesting.
  1. Be proactive and telling them when something might be going wrong instead of waiting until it’s a big problem.
  1. Deliver the project on-time.
  1. Deliver the project on-budget.
  1. Be courteous and ask how their kids baseball season is going.
  1. 10429844_10202249721444725_892610682475229321_nRemember their dog’s name (oh, and their name too.)
  1. Support their favorite local charities and organizations (with your time and/or money.)
  1. Fill out the rebate and tax credit forms for them.
  1. Have a spotless job site.
  1. Respect their property and time.
  1. Do what you say you are going to do.
  1. Limit surprises and helping them with all of the selections.
  1. Meet with their designer or architect.
  1. Have a “pre-construction” conference so they know what to expect and have met your crew.
  1. Ask them for their honest feedback during and after the job.
  1. It’s standing behind your work and doing what’s right and fair.
  1. Throwing a celebration party for your client and their family/friends when the big addition is done.
  1. Educate your client and recommend the best products/services for them.
  1. Be flexible, accommodating and always putting the client first.

Is this a complete list? Nope. But does it touch on a good chunk of the approach you should have when running your remodeling business?

Doing everything above isn’t easy. In fact, it’s very hard work that requires you to be disciplined, unselfish, put in extra effort and develop solid systems in your business.

But if you create a culture in your business that demands everything above – you’ll be rewarded.

  • More referrals.
  • Happier clients.
  • More repeat business.
  • Positive Press.
  • And if you are like other remodelers (who do this stuff) you’ll be more profitable, close more business, deliver more value and be proud of the company you have built.

Kyle-Hunt-of-Remodel-Your-Marketing-Design-Build-Pros-Interview-300x294Kyle Hunt of Remodel Your Marketing is a highly respected professional in the remodeling industry. Learn more at kyle@remodelyourmarketing.com or visit Remodel Your Marketing.

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