Remodeler’s “Full Service” Customer Experience

“Care and concern for our clients is our priority and differentiates Merrill Construction Group in Nashville,” Hilson Merrill, principal stated. “We have a company policy that if a client or prospective client contacts us, we provide an answer within 24 working hours.” Merrill has found many competitors to be non-responsive. His company strives to deliver the best customer experience.
Hilson was named one of the 2019 40 Under 40 in ProRemodeler Magazine. “It’s an honor to be recognized as a young person trying to establish a business, and getting recognition for doing the right thing,” Hilson noted and added, “we’re working towards something worthwhile and the 40 Under 40 award lends credibility to what we’re doing.” Hilson’s approach to remodeling includes a ‘full service and fixed price ’ approach which reduces the risk to clients. “Our client and their happiness is the most important part of what we do. We have 12 employees and they are all trained according to our standards. Serving clients in their home is an honor and we treat it seriously.” 

705BelleMeade-MerrillConstruction-4-(1).jpgWhile remodeling is booming in Nashville, clients are definitely price shopping. This creates an opportunity for Hilson and his team to communicate the value of full service remodeling. “We want to know why a client is interested in a project so in the end they get what they want.” This includes educating clients on the process and using the fixed price approach to deliver and meet expectations. Streamlining the process is important. There’s a lot of worry and stress with the unknown of tackling a remodeling project.“ Client communication is critical to provide a great experience.”
With the growing economy and competitive housing market in Nashville, some people  cannot  afford to move. For those people, Merrill Construction Group  is able to help clients visualize the equity in their homes to maximize space and use it as efficiently as possible. For others, Merrill Construction Group can provide design and construction services to modify existing homes.  “It’s a good time to be a remodeler and help our clients love their homes.”

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