NARI congratulates November’s newly certified members

NARI members looking to further their professionalism—as well as to add another tool to their marketing arsenal—often get certified in one of NARI’s nine subject areas. These certifications measure your knowledge base, not your attendance at a class.

Great job on all the hard work!

Certified Remodeler Project Manager
Robert Reynolds, CRPM, RJK Construction Inc.
Metro DC Chapter

Universal Design Certified Professional
Peter Barden, CR, GCP, UDCP, Schorr Construction Inc.
Randy Schorr, CR, UDCP, Schorr Construction Inc.
Madison chapter

Angela Westmore, UDCP, Angela Westmore LLC.
Milwaukee chapter

Deborah Allmon, CR, UDCP, Schloegel Design Remodel
Charlie Schloegel, UDCP, Schologel Design Remodel
Kansas City chapter

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