2020 Design Launches its Latest Version – 2020 Design v12

2020 Design is a kitchen and bathroom design software for professional designers in North America. It’s equipped with built-in manufacturer catalogs, lighting options, decor items, and advanced rendering capabilities, making it an indispensable tool in the remodeling industry.

Its latest update, 2020 Design v12, is packed with brand new features and functionality that will make the design process even more efficient and faster. Read on to find out what’s new in the most recent release of the software.

What’s new in 2020 Design v12

New 64-bit architecture: 2020 Design has migrated from a 32-bit to a 64-bit application. The latter allows users to create designs that are larger, that contain a lot of items and textures, and that have multiple rooms without compromising the quality of the design.

Shaker cabinet doors: Users can now use the ever-popular, simple and beautifully crafted Shaker cabinet door style in their designs. There are two variations to choose from with a variety of colors and finishes that will stand out in any kitchen design.

Compatible with latest SketchUp models: Since 2020 Design upgraded to a 64-bit architecture, the application is now compatible with the latest SketchUp models (2017 or newer). This means that on top of being able to use 2020’s integrated decorative items, users can also import items from SketchUp into their 2020 designs and floor plans.

Screen preset feature: Previously, if users undocked their windows in their design interface, they may have found it challenging to get them back into place. With the new screen presets, designers can easily reset them to their initial state, choose from a few other preset locations, or save their own.

Spotlight placement: In previous versions of 2020 Design, it was hard to accurately place spotlights because their shapes were round and they did not have obvious center points. 2020 Design v12 is now equipped with crosshairs that make it very easy to place spotlights in an exact location and to add accurate dimensions that users will then send to contractors.

Error log capture: With the error reporting mechanism, 2020 Design v12 can now capture user error logs. Having this data at their disposal, 2020 can better analyze user issues to provide the best possible experience with the software.

To learn more about 2020 Design v12, sign up to their webinar on November 13, 2019 at 2pm EDT.



Rita Melkonian is a marketing content specialist at 2020, provider of interior design and space planning applications, where she researches and writes content related to the world of interior design.

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