Eliminate the Pain of Tracking Subcontractor’s Insurance Certificates

If you own a remodeling company and have any direct hire employees, your state may require you to have a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy.  Workers Comp is a policy that covers the employee’s medical expenses if they are hurt while working on the job.  The amount you pay for your premium(s) is directly affected by your company’s safety record, so as the number or severity of accidents increases, so do your insurance rates.  Furthermore, to help eliminate risk to employees and subcontractors this area needs control. 

Most remodeling companies are unable to perform every skilled trade function involved in a remodeling project, and commonly hire subcontractors to provide some of those services, who in turn represent your business.  They too must have their own Workers’ Compensation policy, or YOU will be required to pay their premiums at the end of each year.  On the surface, this does not seem to be an onerous task as you simply need to get a copy of their policy, ensure that it has not expired and is valid at the time they perform work for your company, and place it in a folder so a copy can be provided to the Insurance Auditor at the end of the year.  However, most remodeling companies have dozens of subcontractors, each of whom have different insurance companies, and all of whom have different renewal dates.  Clearly the level of complexity to remain in compliance and not be saddled with a significant and completely unnecessary bill at the end of the year has nearly transformed into a full time administrative nightmare – and this is exactly why Cert-Safe was created.

The Cert-Safe application was designed to provide the following:

  1. Capture all annual certifications/qualifications/documents/license renewals/etc. into one location, visible to all project team members.
  2. Allow easy updates to your team on important health and safety requirements. 
  3. Provide the sufficient reminders and notifications necessary to avoid costly fees due to untimely renewals.
  4. Secure your own working environment, first aid certificates, your business building’s risk and control, fire safety and company vehicles/machinery/warehouse etc.
  5. Eliminate the administrative burden and labor hours associated with contacting every subcontractor (multiple times) or their insurance companies to hound them for a copy of their policy.
  6. Most importantly, avoid the potentially massive and financially catastrophic impact of being held responsible for another company’s employee’s medical costs simply because you failed to ensure they had the proper coverage due to an administrative burden.
Cert-Safe is a powerful application that can literally reduce your administrative burden, labor costs, insurance costs, and Workers’ Compensation rates. Cert-Safe can increase your time, confidence, and income all due to the proper collection, handling, and filing of your subcontractors’ insurance policies.  With a little bit of thought, it is highly likely that Cert-Safe can provide countless additional administrative benefits through timely document collection and control, assisting with eliminating risk and exposure.

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