2017 National CotY Awards — It’s Time to Show Your Stuff

If you’ve thought about submitting an entry for the 2017 National CotY Awards, but haven’t done so, what’s holding you back? Now is the time to get the peer recognition you deserve for your outstanding work. Here are six reasons why you should consider entering the award program:

  • Bragging Rights
    You’re the best in the field! Now let everyone know about it. Promote your award on all corporate literature and advertising, on your website, and in your newsletters.
  • Added Credibility
    Winning often acts as a third-party endorsement, which can be very powerful tool when promoting your company and the work you do.
  • Publicity
    Regional, national, local and trade publications will write about CotY Award winners, which provides winners extensive media attention and valuable publicity. This publicity will help you attract new customers and gain increasing respect from your existing client base.
  • Differentiate Your Business
    When a potential client is deciding among you and your competitors, being a CotY Award winner could give you the edge by setting you apart from other remodelers. The CotY Awards are third party proof that your work is well done and admired not only by clients, but others in your trade.
  • Boost Staff Morale and Retention
    Winning a CotY Award can have a positive effect on staff morale, motivating employees to continue doing great work. Company pride for winning a CotY Award also can help retain valuable employees, since the win acknowledges their contribution to your business success.
  • Certification Scholarships
    All National CotY winners, including team members, will be awarded partial scholarships applicable toward new certification fees through June 2018.

NARI also offers recognition for Green and Universal Design work when you enter the CotYs.

Enter today! The National CotY Awards early bird discount pricing ends November 7, 2016.  The process is managed online and it’s never been easier.

Learn more about the awards by visiting http://www.nari.org/industry/recognition/coty/.

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