Worry-free Countertops: Cambria’s Unparalleled Service and Performance

Cambria offers a worry-free experience for building professionals and their clients that continues long after install. Here are three reasons why Cambria gives the pros peace of mind from start to finish.

1. Exceptional Cambria customer service

Cambria’s attention to service is a point of distinction, from a smooth installation process with Cambria-trained installers to representatives at the ready to field any questions from building professionals and homeowners. With Cambria, remodelers don’t have to worry about getting calls from their customers if they have issues with their countertops. Cambria eases the burden with a dedicated Customer Care team that handles every inquiry related to the product before and after install.
“Here at Cambria, we know that producing an excellent product is only half the battle to building our brand. The other half is providing exceptional services and support for not only our end consumers, but also our business partners,” says Chris Donaldson, Cambria’s senior services manager. “With just one phone call, customers get expert, personable service from our Customer Care representatives in Minnesota. Whatever customers need, our goal is total satisfaction before, during, and after Cambria is purchased.”
“One of our favorite things about working with Cambria is the excellent product performance and beauty, but also knowing we’re supported by a great customer care team and their lifetime transferable warranty,” says Morgan Molitor of remodeling team Construction2Style. “Knowing this gives us so much peace of mind when it comes to the overall quality of our projects and for our clients.” 

2. Product performance: Cambria vs. granite, marble, and other surfaces

Cambria’s superior performance benefits outperform other stone surfaces. Made from pure, natural quartz, Cambria is more durable than granite or marble and completely maintenance free. Learn more about the pros and cons of different countertop materials.
Countertop Comparison Guide

3. Cambria’s transferable Full Lifetime Warranty

Cambria offers a Full Lifetime Warranty that covers all designs in both high gloss and Cambria Matte™ finishes. “[Our clients] want the people and suppliers they work with to stand behind their work, and they want their builders and contractors to be able to stand behind the work and warranty it as well. Working with a supplier like Cambria that has a lifetime warranty—that’s pretty much unheard of and it’s just great to work with,” says John Kraemer, vice president and director of Sales and Marketing at John Kraemer & Sons.

Another differentiator for Cambria is that the warranty is fully transferable, a great selling point for clients who are planning to move, since the warranty transfers to the new homeowners. Remodeling with Cambria countertops can increase the value of their home and provide the elusive “wow factor” desired for real estate listings and open houses. “When preparing to list a home for sale, focusing on the kitchen is one of the best investments you can make,” says Heather Gustafson, a realtor for Edina Realty. “For my recent clients, the Cambria countertops and full kitchen remodel definitely was the showstopper that helped get their home sold within one day on the market for over asking price.”

To learn more about working with Cambria on your next project, visit: https://www.cambriausa.com/residential/

About Cambria

Cambria LogoCambria is the nation’s leading producer of American-made natural quartz surfaces. As a stain-resistant, nonabsorbent natural stone surface, Cambria is strong, safe, maintenance free and easy to care for. Headquartered in Le Sueur, Minnesota, Cambria is sold through an exclusive network of premium, independent specialty retail and trade partners that can be identified at CambriaUSA.com. #MyCambria

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