3 Steps for Building Your Remodeling Business

In any home renovation project, homeowners put “trust” at the top of their wish list. Associating your business with an industry leader like Andersen through the Certified Contractor Program helps establish client trust immediately — on top of putting lead generation, client management tools and resources right in your pocket.
1. How to get quality leads — and grow them
It’s easy to get wrapped up in the number of leads you’re receiving, but lead generation is more about quality over quantity. Finding leads that make sense for your business — such as determining the best opportunities for window and door replacement projects in your area — will help you utilize your marketing resources more efficiently.
First, define your ideal customer by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Where do they live?
  • What types of projects are they doing?
  • How involved are they in the process?
Another way to think about this is by asking yourself: What kind of customer do I want more of? Identifying the customers you had good experiences working with and honing in on the qualities that set those customers apart can help you start thinking strategically about attracting others like them.
Then, identify the local market areas that offer the greatest opportunities based on your answers. Once your ideal customer is established, consider all the ways you can create a lead-generation campaign — for example:
  • Start by sending a direct mail piece.
  • Next, follow up with an email.
  • Finally, don’t forget about targeted social media posts to your specific audience.
A cohesive campaign helps you connect with potential customers through multiple channels, while reinforcing your brand messages and services.
Finally, a formal process for capturing leads is critical to campaign success. Utilize lead gen software and consider a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. CRMs offer a lot of benefits and can be customized to your business but ultimately, they help improve and maintain your customer relationships through organizing, analyzing and cultivating leads.
2. Co-brand with industry leaders

Trust is at the top of any homeowner’s priority list when it comes to selecting a contractor for their renovation project. Often, the contractor is already aligned with brands who help set their business apart from the competition and that association can help give the homeowner the confidence they need to move forward with signing a contract. “Co-branding with Andersen helps us gain trust right from the start,” said Tony Flint, Director of Sales and Operations at Great Plains Windows & Doors. When you work with a nationally known brand like Andersen through the Certified Contractor Program, you have the opportunity to align your business with the #1 trusted and recommended window and door brand in the country¹.
¹2020 Andersen brand surveys of U.S. contractors, builders & architects

3. Best practices for successful customer management

Time, money and all the decisions of a renovation project can add up to an overwhelming experience for homeowners. Going the extra step to guide them through this emotional process helps solidify trust at the beginning, hopefully alleviating any issues, concerns or unexpected changes down the road. At the end of the day, homeowners are really looking for three things:
  1. Consistent communication — homeowners want to know what to expect throughout their project and when. Flint said that his number one tip for managing customers is communication. “Sometimes, we can’t fix something on the spot. When that happens, we walk them through the why, and we come up with a plan.” Simply put: customers appreciate staying informed.
  2. A trusted advisor — homeowners come to you for your professional expertise in the industry. While many may do a lot of research on their own, they are ultimately looking to you to help them make the best decisions for their project.
  3. A positive experience — make a positive impression starting with the very first appointment. Offer a simple ‘thank you’ to the customer for having you to their home and always follow the homeowners lead – including removing your shoes or using shoe coverings when going into the home, and stock up on masks for you and your crew to wear as needed. These simple actions will go a long way with creating rapport and trust.
Follow these simple steps to help ensure homeowners feel confident in your ability to make their home renovation dreams a reality.
Ready to learn more about Andersen’s Certified Contractor Program? Visit our site to understand all the benefits and apply!
  1. 2020 Andersen brand surveys of U.S. contractors, builders & architects
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