5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Vendor Relationships

When it comes to selecting a vendor, you not only have to consider product quality, service and warranty, but you also need to work with a vendor that helps you bolster your business. Read on to find out five ways you can get the most out of your vendor relationships.


​1. Leverage Co-Branding Opportunities with the Vendor Brand 
Suppliers spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours on ads and marketing to drive brand recognition. Utilize your vendor’s brand power to your greatest advantage. Leverage co-branded marketing templates where both your logo and the vendor’s logo are shown to make your setup easier. Using these adds professionalism, validity and expertise to your business and personal brand. In addition to co-branding, use endorsements, images, social media advertisements and claims your vendor has provided. These instantly elevate your sales pitch and give your business credit for the high-quality products you sell.
PRO TIP: Looking for a particular co-branded asset? Ask your vendor. Often, they will have or create it for you.


2. Use Co-Op Marketing and Advertising Funds to Generate Leads 
Build upon the strong brand foundation of your vendor to boost your presence and sales. Discover if your vendor offers co-op marketing and advertising funds to take full advantage. At Pella, we offer both and our program members use it to generate valuable brand awareness and lead opportunities. Contractors that use these funds often see significant return on investment and business growth.
PRO TIP: Ask your vendor for examples of how others have utilized their offerings and plan to execute against top priorities and opportunities.

3. Lean on Your Vendor for Leads, Strategy and Expertise 
No one wants you to be more successful in sales than your manufacturing partners. Consider what they offer to help your reps sell and demonstrate their products to your homeowners. Many manufacturers have different ways of providing leads through online advertisements and lead generation partners. Proven vendors, like Pella, share leads, best practices and winning examples of a successful sales process. Lean on your vendor’s experience in their product and it’s benefits to maximize your business opportunity and profit. Understanding all options available to you and following best practices are key to getting the most out of manufacturer-generated or provided lead sources.
PRO TIP: Invite your vendor reps into your sales and operations meetings, regularly. Utilize their expertise to your entire team and business advantage.
4. Utilize the Vendor’s Services, Training and Best Practices 
Many programs offer specialized services, dedicated project coordinators, issue resolution and affiliated partnerships with providers that specialize in supporting remodeling professionals’ businesses. These business efficiencies are available to you free of charge or with reduced pricing or advantageous benefits of the manufacturing partnership.
Another key is having consistent and thorough product, service and operational knowledge on the products you are selling. Many manufacturers, like Pella, offer dedicated training to contractors and their teams about the products they are selling and installation best practices. Not only is this key to your business success but also positions your company as an employer of choice by offering and prioritizing your employee learning and developmental opportunities.
PRO TIP: Inquire regularly about the partners and trainings your vendor has. It may impact what they offer.


5. Maximize Communication to Prioritize Your Needs 
The key to any good partnership is communication. Collaboration and conversations with your vendor rep helps your vendor help you. You should expect and make regular meetings, trainings and status updates with your vendor reps to keep the line communication open. In these events, share your goals and strategies and clarify what you need and what your priorities are. 
PRO TIP: Make sure you understand what your vendor needs from you and commit to that.
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