Marketing your awards

The CotY Awards program is in full swing, with deadlines coming up Nov. 30 at 2 PM Central time for entry forms and Dec. 3 at 5 PM Central time for binders.

And NARI members win plenty of other awards throughout the year.

These awards are another tool in your marketing arsenal. Here are some suggestions for how to use them in promoting your company.

  • Send a press release. CotY winners are e-mailed a press release template to send, announcing their win. NARI’s marketing team can pull a media list if you don’t already have one. Just e-mail your request to If you have won award from another organization that didn’t provide a press release template, you can also contact NARI’s marketing team for a generic award press release template that you can customize for your needs.Your press release should include a quote from someone who worked on the project and a short description or bullet points about some of the unique details. Even better, get a quote from the homeowner about the project.

At the end of your press release is written, you basically have the information for many of these other tactics:

  • There are many free press release posting sites that are also aggregated by Google, including Once your press release is written, don’t forget to post on these sites as well.
  • Tout your award win in your e-newsletter to clients and prospects. Again, include some details on what made that project unique and include before and after images.
  • Did you receive a logo for your award. Use it on your Website, Facebook page, print ads and brochures.


    CotY 2013 logo

    NARI provides CotY Award winners with a logo that contains the category and level of the win.

  • If you’re using Facebook, post your award on your company’s Facebook page. The notes section would be a great place to write a project description and show before and after images. This would be a great place to use quotes from the homeowner, if possible.
  • Does your company have a blog? If so, post it there, again using a project description and before and after images. This would be another great place to use quotes from a homeowner.
  • Do you use direct mail to reach prospective clients? Use an image of the project on the front and use the phrase “award-winning company” on the information side of your postcard.
  • Mention your award-winning status on all bids and letters by including a closing paragraph about it.
  • Use your CotY binder as a media kit by burning it to CD and sending to local media outlets. Read the story “Leverage your project stories to get press coverage” to find out how one NARI of Metro DC member did this.
  • Use those before and after images to make a video slideshow and post on your company’s YouTube channel. Read “Video increases marketing reach of CotY Award” to find out how a NARI of Silicon Valley member did this.
  • Do you have a booth at a home show? Ask your client if they would spend a few hours in your booth so they can share, first-hand, their experience of working with an “award-winning” remodeling company. Thank them with a gift certificate to a restaurant in your area.

Have an idea not listed here? Please share in the comments section.

For more information on how to enter the CotY Awards or the Achievement Awards, visit

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