Preparing your business for sale at retirement

In preparing to sell a business—whether retirement is imminent or years away—the main issue is making sure that you still have a viable business to put on the market at the time of retirement. This topic is vast, but let’s start by covering the front-end basics: form of business entity, maintaining the business, regulatory compliance and more.


Communication is the key to sales

No matter how great our products and services are, they won’t do any good if we can’t sell them. I’m sure we have all experienced the frustration of knowing that we could really help a potential customer, but still somehow couldn’t convince them to use our services.


Targeted marketing approach includes goody baskets to neighbors

When Honey Brook, Pa.-based Spring Creek Design starts a renovation or construction project, they not only look out for their clients, but the surrounding neighbors as well. In a goodwill effort that promotes the company and the work they do, the owners assemble and hand out up to 10 goody baskets to neighbors surrounding the work area during the first week of the project.


How I Built My Business: EXOVATIONS

In 1996, I was working for a large privately held building material supply company in Atlanta that was sold to a large corporation and had a lot of structural changes happening. I left with two of my co-workers, Bitsy Lee and Mary Battle, to start our own business under the original name, Builders Exterior Design.


Do I have to pay overtime?

Many employers believe that simply by paying their employees a salary they are relieved from overtime obligations. To the contrary, there are several factors that determine whether an employee is exempt from overtime pay.


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