Mastermind Group Leads to NARI Membership

Meridian Design Construction CEO, Justin Shipp, was named in ProRemodeler Magazine’s 2019 '40 Under 40’.  Find out how an internet based mastermind group has created a network for support and growth.

“It started with Kyle Hunt, a marketing pro. He set up the mastermind group of 8 or 9. We’d meet one time per month via the Internet,” Justin began. “The group included leaders from across the country but we all have similar businesses, outlooks on management and how things should be done. There’s been a great exchange of ideas.

“I’ve been in the business for fifteen years and really enjoy participating in the mastermind group. That’s where I met NARI Board Treasurer, Dennis Gehman, MCR, CKBR, CRPM, CLC. I kept seeing NARI in his email signature and had to learn more.”

Code of Ethics is a Differentiator 

Meridian Design Construction has been a member of NARI’s for just under two years. “Ethics is very important – ethics and integrity,” Justin said. “NARI’s Code of Ethics is important and differentiates us from other contractors. Continuing education is also important and I’m very interested in the Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC) and Certified Remodeler Project Manager (CRPM).”

Skilled Trades - a Respected Path

When asked what Justin sees as the biggest opportunity, he commented, “It’s an interesting time. The housing market is uncertain and more people are staying in their homes. The demand for remodeling will continue to grow.” But with this demand also comes additional challenges. “Unfortunately in today’s schools there’s little emphasis on the trades. We need to get back to viewing trades with respect. Tradesmen are intelligent, hard-working people. With such a large gap of skilled trades, it’s a big opportunity for trade schools. The trades definitely offer a path for success.”

Next Stop - NARI Certification

“It’s a good time to be in remodeling. Last year Meridian Design Construction was named in Remodeling Magazine’s ‘Big 50’. It’s an honor to be named in ProRemodeler Magazine’s 2019 ’40 Under 40'. The next opportunities include design awards – maybe a NARI Contractor of the Year (CotY) Award. NARI Certification is another way to grow. There’s so much information – instead of learning by trial and error, take advantage of what NARI has to offer.”

Invest in your career and explore NARI Certification

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