Why Certify?

Stand out, move business ahead with CR

The Certified Remodeler (CR) education program is designed to recognize and identify full service remodeling professionals who have undergone detailed review and testing in areas of businessmanagement, technical skills and ethical conduct.

What am I learning?

Becoming a CR will help you whip your business into shape. Course content covers areas of business management, building codes, construction law, plans and specifications, tools and equipment, safety, standards of practice, math and questions relating to your area of expertise.

How can I benefit?

In an industry plagued with dishonesty, the Certified Remodeler certification turns you into a professional in the eyes of the homeowner. It adds credibility in the commitment to your business and your skills as a quality remodeler. Furthermore, it positions you as the educator, by increasing your specialized knowledge in areas that are less known to the typical homeowner.

How will my knowledge from the CR course help my business?

Here are a few examples you can better yourself and your business as a Certified Remodeler base on the course content:

  • Refine business management systems to be more efficient and functional to the work that you’re doing. In recent years where market changes have introduced different types and size of jobs, it’s time to decide if your business plan reflects the current conditions. If not, you know have the tools to change it to reflect current trends.
  • Stay on top of building codes and regulations. Remodelers who are not up to code and not documenting his/her work accurately, needs to learn how to do this and what is needed for full protection.
  • Establish a basic knowledge of the laws concerning your business. You may already have a lawyer but having the knowledge handy every day can help you make quick decisions or with contract negotiations.
  • Learn which tools or equipment is needed to increase productivity on the jobsite. The construction industry is faced with new technologies all the time which can save you time and money. Figuring out what you need and when you need it, can not only save you costs but produce higher quality work.
  • Get your crew safe, protect yourself from liabilities. Losing your best carpenter to an injury can be damaging to future revenues. Don’t lose out on something that could have been avoided.
  • Keep your numbers straight. Budgeting, measuring, ordering, estimating—contractors are constantly throwing numbers around that need to be accurate. A refresher math course helps keep your numbers right where they need to be.

Who is eligible?

To qualify for the CR designation, applicants must adhere to NARI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, have a minimum of five years continuous experience in the remodeling industry and successfully complete a Qualification Matrix detailing their background and experience. Applicants must complete a one-day written examination on business, construction, and remodeling practices; and submit all required application materials and fees. To prepare for certification, individuals are given a study guide and a business management book. NARI offers virtual study groups or face-to-face study groups (at participating chapters) to help applicants prepare for the written examination.

Not a general contractor?

There are other professionals in the remodeling industry that can benefit from the Certified Remodeler education program. The course also caters to individuals who actively support the remodeling industry in professions such as architects, designs, manufacturers, suppliers and consultants in providing the Certified Remodeler Associate (CRA) designation. Additionally, professional remodelers who focus on a specific type of work such as concrete and masonry work, electrical work, insulation, mechanical systems, plumbing systems, roofing and siding could earn a Certified Remodeler Specialist (CRS) designation. The only different between the CR and the CRA and CRS is the test—which varies according to specialty.

The next Certified Remodeler prep-course starts Jan. 21, click here to register.

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