Creating a win/win with homeowners assisting on projects

In an ideal world, a client will request that their contractor complete a home remodeling project from start to finish, but the economic realities of budgets often put a crimp in those plans.


Planning for Business Success in 2014

Writing New Year’s resolutions is a time of gleeful possibility – in less than 12 months, you’re going to become the prosperous business leader you’ve always wanted to be. We asked three NARI members to evaluate what’s been happening in the industry over the past year, and what New Year’s resolutions they plan on making for their future business success.


Why your lack of branding is costing you business

At its very basic, branding is the personality of your company. It’s that feeling you want your customers to have when they work with you, and the image you want prospective customers to have when they encounter your company.


How a safety coordinator ensures compliance

A few years ago, Waunakee Remodeling had a very limited safety program in place.  “There was no coordinator. There was no training as such. We just provided some harnesses for the guys and said, ‘Hey, go use them,’” says Frank Wetzel, safety coordinator for the Wisconsin-based home improvement company.


Remodelers, specialty contractors remain a loyal purchasing group

“The Future of Remodeling” study, prepared by The Farnsworth Group, shows that remodelers are extremely influential in the products and finish materials used on remodeling projects, but just where are they making those purchases?


What is the future of remodeling?

The Farnsworth Group presented the “Future of Remodeling: Current and Future Remodeling Trends seen by Residential Architects and Remodelers,” at the most recent meeting of the Remodeling Futures Group, hosted by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University.


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