KBIS + IBS + NARI + Las Vegas = FUN!

by Jan Burchett

If you are not into acronyms, then this blog post may confuse you. But for those of us in the association management business, acronyms are part of our everyday language.

So, the International Builders Show (IBS) partnered with the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas back in mid-January in Las Vegas … and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) hosted a booth in the KBIS area. I was asked by NARI HQ (Headquarters) to work the booth for three days … and it was FUN ― which could stand for fulfilling, unique and neat ― since it was my first time experience at the shows that represent the construction industries for new home construction and home remodeling.

The NARI booth was brimming with officers and staff, and the inquiries about NARI membership were strong all three days of the show. More than 150+ leads strong!  I was able to talk to remodeling contractors, subcontractors and a few suppliers from California to New York. Those folks either knew nothing about NARI, a little bit about NARI, a lot about NARI or had even held a NARI membership in the past.


Jan Burchett and Caleigh Arbuckle from NARI National Member, Bin There Dump That.

Working the NARI booth was fulfilling for me as I was able to talk to people all day long about the only trade association exclusively dedicated to the professional remodeling industry. It was a unique experience since I had never been to either the IBS or KBIS shows and what an eye opener that was ― basically booths for miles and miles showcasing every product that could be imagined for a house!  And it was neat for me to get to work alongside NARI HQ staff and NARI officers.


Left to right: Steve Carasso, Jan Burchett, Dan Taddei

When you see the depth of the organization from the officers, representing remodeling contractors from Portland, Oregon to Atlanta, Georgia and beyond, is it humbling. The best thing I witnessed was remodeling contractors (the officers) talking to other remodeling contractors and telling them how great NARI had been for them both personally and professionally.

As a tenured chapter executive (I’ve been with the Kansas City NARI chapter for 21+ years), working with NARI members is a fun and productive experience.  Working the booth for NARI in Las Vegas was fun and enlightening.  I am so proud to help represent the professionals in the remodeling industry!

About the author: Jan Burchett has been the Kansas City NARI chapter executive for 21 years  (soon to be 22 on October 1).  She owned her own association management company, Jan Burchett Management LLC, from 1997 to 2007. Kansas City NARI was her first client and they put her on the payroll in 2007!

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