Your 2021 Internet Marketing Plan for Remodelers

Your Path to Success in 2021

With 2021 underway, now is a time to review whether you have put a marketing plan in place that guarantees your path to success. For Remodeling Companies and Contractors, if you don’t have a roadmap to follow in order to hit your revenue goals for 2021, then you won’t hit the goals you’ve put in place for your company. As the saying goes, ‘If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

Calculate Your Revenue Goal

The first step in hitting your 2021 revenue goals is setting clear goals that are realistic and based on previous annual revenue growth year over year. To easily figure out how to hit your revenue goal for 2021, it comes down to a simple formula:
  • Determine your annual revenue target
  • Divide that by 12 months to determine your monthly revenue target
  • What is your average transaction value?
  • Divide monthly revenue target by average transaction value = Jobs needed per month
  • Multiply jobs needed per month by your conversion rate = Leads needed per month

Craft Your Marketing Message

Now that you know how many leads per month that you will need to hit your revenue targets, your next focus needs to be on crafting your marketing message to appeal to your ideal customer. Identify the demographics and goals of your ideal customer, then choose the right media channels to share your marketing message on why someone should choose to work with you over your competitors.

Optimize Your Website for Conversions

Your website becomes instrumental in increasing your conversion rate. Your website is the hub of your entire digital marketing strategy, which should also include SEO and Google Maps marketing, social media, video marketing, and pay-per-click advertising, amongst other strategies.
Optimizing your website to convert, called Conversion Rate Optimization, is at the heart of successfully booking more jobs. By using heat mapping technology, you can discover how visitors are using your website and build your site around calls to action and messaging that converts those visitors into phone calls, web form submissions, and online chat engagement.
Finally, make sure you have call tracking in place to quantify your marketing Return on Investment. This will allow you to track your call volume, ascertain your average cost per call generated, and track your overall KPIs on your way to achieving your goals for 2021.

Digital Marketing for Contractors That's Simple, Efficient, & Outpeforms

If you’re looking for to take your company to the next level and need help planning out your Internet marketing strategy, reach out to Home Remodeler SEO today. Let us help you supercharge your 2021 call volume and revenue through the implementation of our Local Search Supremacy program. You can also watch the replay of our webinar “Your 2021 Internet Marketing Plan for Remodelers & Home Service Companies” here:


Bob Vance, Home Remodeler SEO
As a former Remodeler and Custom Home Developer, Bob Vance founded Home Remodeler SEO because he saw a need in the industry to provide specialized expertise that generalist marketing agencies serving any and all industries could not offer. Our comprehensive multi-channel marketing platform has proven results in setting remodeling companies apart from their competition and helps them gain an edge when it comes to digital dominance in online search.

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