Congratulations to New NARI Certified Professionals

Congratulations to the following NARI members who recently became certified. A certification identifies remodelers as dedicated professionals and acknowledges personal achievements, improves level of practice and identifies them as an industry leader.

Celia Aldrich, UDCP Aldrich Contracting Co.
Nortoh Alexander, CLC Charlie Allen Restorations, Inc.
Pamela Andersen, CRPM Classic Stoneworks, Inc
Stephen Archambault, UDCP Archambault Construction, Inc.
Ryan Arvola, UDCP Hoffman Weber Construction
Christine Balsan, CR Remodeling Designs, Inc.
Brian J. Bartholomew, UDCP In Your Home
Twain Brown, CLC Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.
Kenny Choikhit, CR, CLC, UDCP Custom Renovations, Inc.
George Combs, CR George W. Combs, Inc.
Anthony M. Costanzo, CR Costanzo Builders & Remodelers
Lindsay Czisny, CRPM Refined Renovations
Ryan Dahlke, CRPM J & J Contractors, LLC
Edward (Ted) Daniels, GCP, UDCP Daniels Design & Remodeling, Inc.
Tom Dwyer, CR, UDCP Harbour Towne Construction, Inc.
Stefan P. Eising, CLC Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.
Bingo Emmons, CR, CRPM, UDCP Creative Construction of Wisconsin, Inc.
Eric S. Flaherty, CRPM Red House Custom Building, LLC
Mark Galey, CR, CRPM Master Home Remodellers, Inc.
Kent Garber, CR Garber Contracting LLC
Andy Ieropoli, CR Advance Home Improvement, LLC
Matthew Jancek, CRPM, CLC Byggmeister Associates, Inc.
Joel Jaster, CRPM Advantage Carpentry and Remodeling, LLC
Jeremia Johnson, CRPM JA & Company
Richard Jones, CLC Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.
Chris Kreipe, CR Square Deal Remodeling Company
Michael J. Morrison, CLC Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.
Zak Mowry, CR Northeastern Residential
Nicholas Neboshynsky, CR, UDCP Improvement Zone
Donella Olson, CKBR Hanson Building & Remodeling
Justin Pecikonis, CR, UDCP JRP Design & Remodel
Fernando Pedraza, UDCP Homework Remodels
Barbara Phillips, UDCP Tri-Lite Builders
Mark Ramey, CR Fairfield Contracting, Inc.
Alex. M. Romanowicz, CLC Charlie Allen Restorations
Robert Sebastian, CR, CKBR, UDCP Milwaukee Millwork
Nick Schliepp, CRS, CRPM Allrite Home & Remodeling, Inc.
TJ Sharp, CRPM Attention to Detail Home Remodeling
Daniel B. Sheridan, CRPM JRP Design & Remodel
Joseph Shoback, CR, CKBR, CLC Hudson Home Improvement, LLC
Tim Smith, CLC Divine Kitchens
Timothy Smith, CRPM Bellweather Construction LLC
Mike Strayer, CLC Callen Construction, Inc.
David Stevens, CRPM Merchant’s Plat Builders, LLC
Zoe Kardasis Sturtz, CR Edit Design Build Studio, LLC
Matthew Swanger, CRPM Refined Renovations
Artus Treimanis, CKBR ALT Construction, LLC
Brian G. Ward, CKBR Cruickshank Remodeling
Craig J. Whitehorne, UDCP Mosaic Group Architects and Remodelers
Todd Whittaker, UDCP Todd Whittaker Drywall
Joe Willhite, CRPM Bellweather Construction LLC
Brian Yakich, CRPM Creative Construction of Wisconsin, Inc.
Justin Zeller, CR Red House Custom Building, LLC

And, congratulations to the following individuals who earned MCR designations:

Deborah Allmon, MCR, UDCP Schloegel Design Remodel
Scott Blain, MCR, CLC Custom Contracting, Inc
Stephen Doucet, MCR, CKBR, CLC Doucet Remodeling & Design, Inc
Robert E. Jackson, MCR, CKBR Servant Remodeling
Nick Kerzner, MCR, CKBR Kerzner Remodeling & Construction
James Kitchin, MCR, GCP InterWorks,LLC
James C. Orr Jr., MCR, CLC Dover Home Remodelers, Inc.

NARI’s certification is a powerful marketing tool, providing clients with assurance that they’re choosing expert professionals with not only years of experience and a commitment to ethical conduct, but also a dedication to ongoing training. Learn more about certification at

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