How to Save Time, Save Money and Win Repeat Business with HOVER

Guest Blog by J.T. Rieves

If you’re a Home Depot Contractor Pro, it should come as no surprise to hear that skilled trade vacancies are the hardest jobs to fill in the country. Electricians, carpenters, welders, bricklayers, and plasterers have been the top position in vacancies since 2010, according to the Washington Post.

So what can skilled contractors do to save time, grow their business, establish credibility and build trust with customers?

The answer lies in a new platform that’s giving exterior residential home contractors a competitive advantage. HOVER, a 3D modeling and measurement app, provides fully-measured and interactive property models from smartphone photos.

What Does HOVER Do?

Once contractors snap some photos of the property, HOVER creates an interactive 3D model with precise measurements of a home’s exterior in a few hours. You and your team don’t have to step foot on a ladder, cutting down on time and money spent. hoverimage

Saves Time and Money

HOVER greatly cuts down on the time it takes to process a bid. Gennady Kozodoy, a Home Depot Pro customer and owner of Onsite LLC, said of his experience: “I typically spend an eight-hour day doing takeoffs the traditional way, measuring tapes and wheels. With HOVER, I spend five minutes taking pictures, and then they do the rest. They were so accurate that I was able to bid from it and get my estimate out quickly.”

This is extremely important for Kozodoy, who says he is typically swamped with estimates: “The fact that I don’t need to measure them anymore has increased my productivity and allows me to focus on my current projects. HOVER is a tool that is as important as the hammer I swing.”

Additionally, Home Depot Pro Xtra members receive up to 25% off each HOVER they order, saving even more money.

Builds Trust and Repeat Business

A frequent complaint I hear from contractor professionals is how difficult it can be to build trust with new customers. Often, the potential customer has been burned or overcharged in the past.

HOVER makes all of the measurements and information regarding the customer’s house immediately available, which establishes total transparency from the start and helps foster a trusting relationship between client and contractor.

Helps Visualize and Close More Deals

Let’s say a customer wants to know how a new color roof will look. It’s challenging for many people to visualize this design change. HOVER removes the guesswork, and improves contractor close rates with their life-like 3D replicas.

Our Home Depot sales team has story after story of how HOVER has helped close deals, including one worth $32,000 that used HOVER to show the style changes. The customer was so impressed and confident that they bought immediately.


While the skilled contractor shortage is a challenge facing contractors today, having a platform that reduces the time it takes to measure a house and helping customers visualize the changes you’re proposing, helps bid and win jobs faster. With HOVER, you get to prioritize paid work and customers and contractors alike win.

About the Author

J.T. Rieves is Vice President, Pro Business, The Home Depot.

Did you Know?

THD Pro Xtra members receive a discount on Hover. Learn more (login required) about the NARI member exclusive benefit  and save money when using Hover through the Pro Xtra program.

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