Looking for a career change? Consider home remodeling.

Unhappy with your job? You’re not alone. Millions of American workers quitting their jobs — in fact, August 2021 saw more than 4.3 million workers give notice, while unemployment is at a pandemic low of 4.6%. Economists are calling this period “The Great Recession,” as workers across the country reevaluate their careers, locations, and lives.

While every individual will have their own reasons for cutting ties with an employer or an entire career path, common reasons for splitting include the desire for more rewarding work, better pay and greater workplace flexibility.

At the same time, the home remodeling industry is booming as homeowners plow cash into making their homes more livable and lovable. But anyone who’d tried to hire an architect, designer or contractor knows that there just aren’t enough skilled remodelers to meet the surge in demand.

Why the Time is Right for Starting Your Remodeling Career

In early 2021, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released a stunning report about the thriving opportunities in the construction industry. To keep up with demand, construction companies will need to hire more than 430,000 workers. And the future looks bright for the home remodeling industry going into 2022.

Here are some exciting statistics regarding the continued rosy outlook for the remodeling industry, from Harvard University’s Remodeling Futures Program and Qualified Remodeler:

•   9% gains in year-over-year spending on improvements and repair

•   By Q3 2022, investments in repairs and improvements could reach $400 billion.

•   2021’s U.S. Remodeler Index from Qualified Remodeler reports that remodelers are booked solid, with more than 50% reporting larger pipelines in 2021 versus the previous year.

As the remodeling industry revels in strong growth, skilled labor is getting tougher to find, driving up wages. Well, those are on the rise, too. In fact, hourly construction wages are 10.1% higher than other private-sector wages, says the Associated General Contractors of America.

Check out these 2020 median wages for key home remodeling trades:

•   Construction Manager: $97,180 with an 11% job-growth outlook through 2030

•   Electrician: $56,900, with a 9% job-growth outlook through 2030 

•   Kitchen and Bath Designer: $47,639, with more senior designers making nearly $65K.

•   Carpenters: $49,520, with nearly 90,000 new employees needed as skilled carpenters retire

You’re Going to Love a Career in Home Remodeling

Workers interested in a career change consider more than only wages before making a move. You want to feel like you’re doing something worthy of your time, make a real impact, and enjoy your day.

But you also need a career path that’s financially rewarding and stable, too. As we’ve noted, the future of the remodeling industry looks bright, driven by a strong housing market, reinvigorated home construction and demand, as well as stronger home equity.

Solid, Dependable Financial Rewards

Members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) have noted all of these aspects as factors why they love their careers. Take Jonathan Kelly, of Fireplace & BBQ Center in Overland Kansas. A former college baseball player, he was attracted to his job in remodeling because it was a salaried position with health insurance and a profit-sharing plan. “I liked that consistency,” he says. “And now I own the business.”

Helping Customers Love Where They Live

Other NARI members highlight the fulfillment they receive when working with clients to change their living spaces in ways that bring joy.

Interior designer Alicia Smith, from F & S Building Innovations in Roanoke, Virginia loves building close relationships with her customers. “When I’m working with a client to design a space, it is so important we arrive at a finished product that’s functional, purposeful and beautiful,” muses Smith, a NARI member and winner of the #MyCareerinRemodeling contest.

Turn a Hobby into a Career

Other NARI members are excited that they get to spend their days practicing a real craft. Whether you have a background in interior design, woodworking, HVAC, or restoration, the remodeling industry offers a key opportunity to help restore buildings to their glory for the comfort and enjoyment of families for future generations.

Get Help Become a Home Remodeler

Sure, the idea of changing your career can be challenging, but if you’re considering a move into the remodeling industry, there’s plenty of help to get started.


NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, offers a lot of targeted opportunities to learn and build marketable career skills. Take a look at these webinars and certifications available:

•   Start a Profitable Remodeling Business: A multi-part course that shows you how to start—or purchase—a remodeling company. Perfect for building a solid foundation.

•   Certifications That Make Sense: Certifications That Make Sense: If you’ve already built valuable skills in relevant remodeling trades earning NARI certifications is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and provide reassurance to potential clients that your skills have been verified by a respected trade group. Plus, our rigorous prep courses help you brush up on aspects of your field, so you can be assured to come away with new and valuable knowledge.

Choose from an array of certifications such as Certified Lead Carpenter to Universal Design Certified Professional and Master Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler.

•   Prep Courses to Help Ensure Your Success: NARI wants you to feel fully prepared to build a long-lasting and successful career in the remodeling industry and these prep courses taken before your certification exam help you find footing and build confidence.

Find Fellowship and a Community of Skilled Remodeling Professionals

None of us succeeds alone, which is why joining a trade association or group is a great idea. You’ll be able to learn about important remodeling topics, share ideas, and get input on what makes a remodeling businesses successful.

By joining a trade association such as NARI, you can take part in educational programs, awards programs, and exclusive discounts such as The Home Depot Pro that earns 2% back on purchases plus other benefits.

Plus, associations such as NARI connect you with seasoned remodeling professionals via local chapters near you, members-only events, and in the members-only online discussion board. These resources can help you with both the day-to-day issues and long-term planning concerns that keep any smart business owner up at night.

Welcome to the Remodeling Industry

Listen to your heart and head. If you’ve always wondered if you could have a more active career doing a craft you enjoy, now’s the time to take the leap. The remodeling industry is here to welcome you with open arms.

Start your journey today at NARI.org.

Nearly 1 in 3 U.S. workers under 40 have thought about changing their occupation or field of work since the pandemic began. Source [linkto: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2021/08/16/us-workers-want-career-change/]

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