LED lighting in kitchen tops RICKI list of top 5 kitchen technologies

Not surprisingly, homeowners most want technology to help with cleanup in the kitchen, according to the technology portion of RICKI’s research, “Consumer Kitchen Trends: From Remodeling Rates to Technology Trends.”

The Research Institute of Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence, or RICKI, asked homeowners to think about new technology and other ways to work better in the kitchen, how much interest would they have in the following:

  • Easier cleanup: 40 percent very interested
  • Help prepare meals: 28 percent very interested
  • Faster cooking: 27 percent very interested
  • Control lighting better: 26 percent very interested
  • Make kitchen safer 24 percent very interested
  • Inventory of food on hand: 21 percent very interested
  • Charge electronic devices: 15 percent very interested
  • Better music/audio system: 12 percent
  • Control appliances remotely: 8 percent

In terms of the RICKI kitchen technologytop 5 kitchen technologies currently, homeowners rank LED lighting for the kitchen at No. 1 (at 47 percent), anti-bacterial surfaces second (at 39 percent) and faucets that come on when tapped, (37 percent). Closely behind those top three are induction cooktop for rapid heating but cool to the touch (36 percent) and touch less faucets (35 percent).

This study shows that 3 in 10 homeowners use the laptop to help them with tasks in the kitchen. Twenty-two percent are using a smartphone, 11 percent are using a music device, 6 percent are using a device to control lighting better and 2 percent are using a device to control appliances remotely.

Forty-four percent of homeowners charge phones or other devices in the kitchen. The homeowners most likely to charge their devices in the kitchen are those who have improved their kitchen in the past year.

The “Consumer Kitchen Trends” survey received responses from 1,005 U.S. homeowners and measures planned kitchen product purchases, store shopping, sources of information as well as kitchen tasks in the kitchen that helps consumers now and what they feel they will need in the future.

Research conducted by RICKI helps customers gain a better understanding of the mindset of professional designers and today’s consumers that will impact companies into the future. To find out more about RICKI, visit www.kitchentrends.org.

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