NARI Certification takes you further

NARI’s certification is synonymous of a dedicated professional and industry leader. It takes commitment and hard work to achieve that next level of practice to distinguish yourself from your peers.  NARI is proud to congratulate 68 of our members for taking their passion for remodeling and elevating their careers. Learn more about how you can achieve NARI Certification here.

Congratulations to the following members.

Michael H. Rothman, MCR,UDCP Rexi Contracting, LLC
Chris Peterson, MCR,CLC Schloegel Design Remodel
Monica Miller, MCR,UDCP J. S. Brown Company, Inc.
Robert Mascheroni, CR Mascheroni Construction
Jeremy Hauff, CR The Hauff Company
Megan Bratetic, CR Bratetic Construction, Inc.
Ben Jackson, CR Ben’s General Contracting Corp.
Sean Bechhoff, CR G. B. Construction  & Development, Inc.
Brian Siler, CR,CKBR Siler Home Improvement, LLC
Robert Hansen, CR Renovation Innovations, Inc.
Frederic Spindler, CR Spindler Construction, LLC
Leo W Lantz, CR, CKBR, UDCP Leo Lantz Construction, Inc.
Benjamin Nichols, CR Waunakee Remodeling, Inc.
Cory A. White, CR,CRPM,CLC Cor Renovations, LLC
Mike Dallman, CRS Dallman Plumbing
Jeremy Kelley, CKBR Rick Kelley Builders, LLC
Gary Lunger, CR,CKBR,UDCP GSL Construction
Carolyn Elleman, CKBR Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.
Larry Hodge, CR,CKBR Hodge Design & Remodeling, Inc.
Jennifer Yavuz, CKBR JRP Design & Remodel
Dan Kerchner, CKBR KT Construction
David Vinje, CR,CKBR Attics to Basements
Erin Dougherty, CKBR Distinctive Design/Build/Remodel, LLC
David Caputo, CR,CKBR G & L and Sons Renovations, LLC
David A. Morehouse, CR,CKBR Morehouse Improvements, LLC
Christopher Stevens, CKBR KraftMaster Renovations, LLC
Robert Andrew Gockeler, CR,CKBR KraftMaster Renovations, LLC
Robert John Gockeler, CKBR,CRPM KraftMaster Renovations, LLC
Kathi Fleck, CKBR,UDCP LoneStar Property Solutions
Doreen Schofield, CR,CKBR Callen Construction, Inc.
Anton Hilsenbeck, CR,CKBR Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of SE WI
Denis Henri, CLC F. H. Perry Builder, Inc.
Emil Slepak, CKBR,CLC Hudson Home Improvement, LLC
Anthony Graham, CLC 2nd Life Home Repair & Remodeling Services, LLC
Eric Sven Mishefske, CLC Story Hill Renovations LLC
Jennifer Errichetti, CRPM AllenBuilt, Inc.
Steve Inch, CRPM TriVista USA, LLC
Andrew Jablonski, CRPM Granite Transformations
Nick Anderson, CRPM Granite Transformations
Jason Bonomini, CRPM Hogan Design & Construction
John Vendafreddo, CRPM Hogan Design & Construction
Jason McFarlane, CRPM BLB Custom Building LLC
Jenifer Hofmann, CRPM J. Hofmann Homes, LLC
Jeff L Lederhos, CRPM Dorman Home Remodeling, Inc.
Joshua Naill, CRPM Dorman Home Remodeling, Inc.
Ryan Wantz, CRPM Dorman Home Remodeling, Inc.
Terry Ensor, CRPM Dorman Home Remodeling, Inc.
Delmer M Charles, Jr, CRPM Lundberg Builders, Inc.
Marion Chambers, IV, CRPM Lundberg Builders, Inc.
Mary Thompson, CRPM,UDCP Architectural Craftsmen
Denise Sherwood, CRPM KCH Contracting, LLC
A John Coleman, CRPM The Cleary Company
Michael Swisher, CRPM Pinemar, Inc.
Steve Wenclewicz, CRPM Pinemar, Inc.
Chris Tovar, CRPM Tovar Construction
Zachary Foy, CRPM Michael F. Simon Builders, Inc.
David Deblitz, CRPM,CLC QRS Group
Matthew Hafemeister, CRPM Story Hill Renovations LLC
Diane Nelson, CRPM Diane Nelson Interiors, LLC
Jessie Cannizzaro, CRPM Milestone Plumbing, Inc.
Nicole Guilbert, UDCP Case Design/Remodeling
Samantha Sedler Hillstrom, UDCP Case Design/Remodeling
Charles Dawson, CR,UDCP Silver Palm Developers, Inc.
Jeffrey Stricker, CLC,UDCP Alloy Architecture and Construction LLC
Courtney Bowe, UDCP J. S. Brown Company, Inc.
Monica Miller, MCR,  UDCP J. S. Brown Company, Inc.
Christy M. Bowen, UDCP Twelve Stones Designs
Robert Weirough, CR, UDCP Project Home, Inc.

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