4 Steps to Becoming a Better Kitchen and Bath Designer

If you want to excel as a kitchen and bath designer and remodeler, you can’t remain stagnant. You have to keep up with the times and continuously learn about the changes within the industry. Whether you read up on current events, take training courses, or attend tradeshows, a continued and active interest in the world of interior design is a necessity to succeed within the business.


NARI Certification Grows Future Industry Leaders

Addie Merrick-Phang, CR, grew up in the remodeling industry. Her father, David Merrick, MCR, UDCP, started his company, Merrick Design and Build, Inc. in 1989 and provided his daughter with the opportunity to learn about the industry first-hand through his business.  This experience helped develop her love for remodeling, which she would eventually make her career.


Guidance for Making Homes Accessible

On June 13, 1998, my husband Mark Leder and I went for a bicycle ride on a rural wooded bike trail in Granville, OH. After riding for a few minutes, Mark thought he heard a gunshot and slowed down to investigate.  As he scanned the scene he saw a large tree falling. He shouted, “Stop!” But the warning was too late. Instantly, I was crushed by a 7,000 pound tree and paralyzed from the waist down.


Contractors, it is Time

We all have that uncle or friend from high school… You know, the one that always has a good story, always catches a supposed “bad break” but, regardless of all the believable or even reasonable excuses, just can never seem to quite put it together. There always has been and always will be “something” that holds him back from being successful.


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