Technology Moves the Remodeling Industry Forward

“I can’t really believe it! This is such an honor and I was really surprised,” Erika Pearson said about being named one of ProRemodeler Magazine’s 2019 40 Under 40. Erika’s entry into remodeling followed an unusual course. With a degree in Political Science, Erika first worked for a start-up company. But there was always a little voice in the back of her head.
“I took a leap of faith and made a career change.” Erika completed a continuing education program at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and this paved the way for a new career in Design. “During school I worked for a designer who focused on furniture and fabric design. I liked it but then I applied for a job at RI Kitchen and Bath.”
As a Designer, Erika has found her home at RI Kitchen and Bath. RI Kitchen and Bath has been a NARI member since 2016. Most of their projects are kitchen and bath remodels, but Erika really thrives when working on a kitchen remodel.

40 Under 40 Winner“I love to cook, and for me, the center of the home is the kitchen. I strive to help our clients make their kitchens great and functional and the best it can be.” When first meeting with clients Erika wants to know more about how they use their kitchen – especially if there’s something they either love or hate.This helps guide the design process.

But many times, her questions are broader, more about what led them to the house. Erika is also a fan of designing a remodel that makes that sense for that style of home.

“Technology is definitely a bright spot for me as a designer.”  Incorporating technology is critical to making things easier. “We want to deliver a great client experience and make it as easy as possible for clients. From adopting technology for signatures to seeing how technology features are incorporated into her projects, “I want to bring my digital native perspective to everything I do.” For Erika, working with a great team and incorporating technology is leading the change and the remodeling industry is catching up.

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