Wilsonart® Solid Surface Collection Blurs the Lines Between Natural and Human-made with New Realistic Marble Looks

Remodeling and home improvement continue to be focal points for consumers with 90% of homeowners indicating they are planning to tackle projects in 2021, according to a survey by marketing research firm Axiom. Of those respondents, 31% plan to update their bathrooms and 27% plan to update their kitchens. For these projects, many of today’s homeowners are seeking the authentic look of marble, but don’t always want the high-cost and maintenance that comes with natural stone. New introductions from the Wilsonart® Solid Surface Collection can help builders and remodelers achieve the look of natural stone for their clients in a durable, low-maintenance surface that is ready to take on the everyday challenges of today’s busy households.

Achieving the Look of Marble
Wilsonart’s new Solid Surface collection combines nature’s beauty with cutting-edge design innovation in a portfolio of 11 new selections that include a series of movement designs that capture the drama of marble typically only seen in natural materials like quartz and stone. Ideally suited for residential environments, three marble-looks curated into The Crafted Collection capture the beauty of natural marble in a way that blurs the lines between human-made and natural materials. While other acrylic surfaces offer waves of movement, The Crafted Collection takes realism to a new level with veining that has more depth and variance from long, thick streaking to soft, thin feathering. Ultimately, it is the scale and definition of these designs that makes them stand apart from other products.
Wilsonart Solid Surface’s Crafted Collection can help designers and remodelers bring the organic appeal of prestigious marble to any home décor. From the subtle veining reminiscent of Carrara marble, to the rare bold beauty of Calacatta stone, and the high-contrast allure of Statuario marble, the collection features distinctive structures and movement to create visual appeal to complement any space. The intent is to create spaces where people can relax and regroup. Being able to deliver the look of authentic marble in ultra-durable acrylic solid surfaces, makes design applications limitless for the kitchen, bath, and beyond.
Maintaining the Look
Virtually seamless and non-porous, Wilsonart Solid Surface offerings are naturally resistant to fade, heat, and most stains, and do not support the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria. Builders and remodelers find the surfaces ideal for use in kitchens, baths, laundry rooms, and more. The surfaces are renewable, repairable, and thermo-formable, and can easily be cleaned with just soap and water. No surface sealants are required, so the Solid Surface designs effortlessly maintain their brilliance over time.

Completing the Look
For clients looking to seamlessly integrate their counters and sinks, Wilsonart Solid Surface countertops may be paired with the brand’s Solid Surface Sinks for a visually monolithic look. Made from cast-molded 100% acrylic, the sinks are incredibly durable and easy to clean with no lip or ledge to catch debris.
Wilsonart Solid Surface is available at kitchen and bath retailers and home centers nationwide. For more information, visit https://www.wilsonart.com/solid-surfaces.

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