The Benefits of Being a NARI Certified Lead Carpenter

By Ted Kincaid, CLC, Project Manager for Schloegel Design Remodel

I was recently asked by the founder of the remodeling company I work for as a Project Manager what it means to me to have earned the Certified Lead Carpenter designation through NARI.

It caught me off guard in the midst of a hectic week during what is most likely the busiest year I’ve seen in this business. As a project manager, I’m buried with challenges on a daily basis. As I reflect back on how I got here, the back aches, and busted knuckles, it takes me back to being a telecom technician at the end of the tech wreck in the early 2000’s. After my position was eliminated, it was a very uncertain and scary time knowing that I had a family to take care of and bills that didn’t pay themselves.

I decided to give being a Carpenter a try because it’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing. From helping my Grandfather in his work shop at 4 years old, to building bike ramps and tree houses as preteen through High School Woodshop, making sawdust somehow appealed to me. In 2001, I ended up working as a helper for a handyman trying to learn everything I could about the trades and most of those lessons came the hard way. As my adventure and “education” continued as a Carpenter and Lead Carpenter, I was exposed to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the benefits of being part of this organization. I realized that NARI offered formal training opportunities as I was trying to avoid the more painful process of educating myself.

Networking was also a big attraction to me and as I became more familiar with the high rollers of the local remodeling community, I learned about the different certifications available and decided to surround myself with other professionals who share the same self-improvement values I do. In 2006, I had the opportunity become certified. And to me, that meant credibility. Not only with my peers and other NARI community members, but with clients as well.

Although clients typically aren’t familiar with the different designations, when asked, It gives me the opportunity to share what it means to be certified. The message I try to convey is Credibility. This fall, I’m planning to take the Certified Remodeling Project Manager test as I feel it will help me in my current role. I guess I would have to admit, that becoming certified has paid off.

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About the Author

Ted Kincaid, CLC, Project Manager for Schloegel Design Remodel located in Kansas City, MO. With more than 35 years experience, Schloegel Design Remodel provides excellent, top rated remodeling services. Ted Kincaid’s skills include Lead Carpentry and Project Management.

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