Put business systems in place to help with succession planning

There comes a time in everyone’s life and business to consider moving on, whether because of the desire to explore other opportunities, to retire or the result of other circumstances. Regardless of why, it’s best to be prepared.


Landscape architects, remodelers team up to ensure the outside is as beautiful as the inside

Often when a client decides to take on a major home remodeling project that includes an addition or some reconstruction of a home’s façade, they plan and budget for the home remodel, but neglect updating the landscaping at the same time. The result is a beautifully remodeled home with a yard that is lacking.


How to navigate the financing obstacles of potential clients

Probably one of the most frustrating aspects of a contractor’s job is taking the time to bid on new projects, only to have the potential client stop the whole process when they realize they don’t have the funds to complete the job. Fortunately, there are financing options available. This three-part series looks at how remodelers provide financing to their clients.


How I Built My Business: Airoom Architects, Builders and Remodelers

I grew up in the business and worked at Airoom summers when I was in high school and college. I knew how hard the business could be, and I never took it lightly. In 1983, I became my Dad’s partner to establish the second generation of the family-owned business.


Custom Design & Construction offers in-house financing solutions

When Bill Simone established his design/build firm Custom Design & Construction 28 years ago, he wanted to give his clients an easy, one-stop shopping experience. That meant not only providing design and build services, but financing options as well.


Levco Builders offers locally based financing options

Clients often get sticker shock at the costs associated with remodeling their homes and don’t have the funds to complete the job.


Home Loan Investment Bank offers project financing through FHA

There are remodelers out there who don’t want to deal with a client’s financing. But that doesn’t mean contractors know what financing options are available to homeowners.


Improving your website’s visibility

Do you ever feel that your website is lost in cyberspace? Does a search for your business pull up companies with similar names—along with completely unrelated results—to the top of Google’s results?


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