Remodeling Done Right with Certification Excellence

“I challenged myself to earn my Certified Remodeler (CR) designation.” Not as a marketing tool, not because I thought new customer prospects would even recognize what “CR” means. I did it because I wanted to see if I could measure up to the best practices as defined by serious Remodelers who had defined those standards years before me. Seasoned pros who learned from their own successes and failures what commitments it takes to manage a successful remodeling company.


Congratulations to Newest MCR Members

The Master Certified Remodeler designation recognizes Certified Remodelers that have demonstrated commitment to the remodeling industry through support of their local chapter, NARI HQ, and/or their local community. The MCR identifies Certified Remodelers that have withstood the test of time and continue to be successful within the industry.


Jeff Devlin, Stone House Revival, Hosts National Coty Awards

Jeff Devlin of Stone House Revival on the DIY Network will host the 2017 National CotY Awards during the NARI Evening of Excellence.


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