Increase Business Flexibility and Growth Potential with Home Depot Tool Rental

The Home Depot knows tools, and it knows remodelers. That's why it offers the tools pros need to run their businesses, and a rental center that's stocked with a wide selection of new, high-quality construction, remodeling, and landscaping equipment to help pros gain a competitive advantage and grow their businesses in four key ways.
From hand-held power tools, high lifts, earth-movers, and heavy-duty landscaping equipment, The Home Depot has the brands pros trust to do almost any job right.  Tool rentals can be for as little as four hours, or by the day, week, or month. And, with more than 2,000 stores nationwide, a Tool Rental Center is always nearby so pros always have the right tool for the job.
Flexible Solutions for a Changing Business
Flexibility is one of the biggest reasons to rent tools. Renting offers new-model, innovative tools without a long-term commitment or the expense of storing and maintaining them. As a client’s projects change, renting means pros are not saddled with unused tools.
Expand Business Opportunities
Access to the right tools can be the determining factor in winning a bid, as well as growing into new areas. Tool rental can bridge those gaps, providing the right equipment — including generators, floor strippers, sanders, trenchers, chainsaws, trucks, and trailers — to do the job.
Tool rental helps pros take on new types of jobs, expanding business gradually without the capital investment required to buy everything immediately.
Easier geographic expansion is another possibility. Rather than not bidding on distant projects because the tools aren’t easily moveable or available, rent them locally. With tool rental, even small companies can build bigger footprints.
Enjoy the Latest Tools
Because The Home Depot's rental tools are new and regularly updated, renting is a good way to try out some of the most innovative tools available and test the latest ways to increase job productivity.
The Home Depot's rental tools start out new. Each time a tool is returned, it is checked to ensure it is in top shape before it is rented again. Therefore, pros can focus on the job. If, however, a rental tool does break during use, simply return it for a replacement.
Flex Capital by Renting
When deciding between renting and buying tools, consider the lifetime cost of the tool and its likely use. Factor in storage, maintenance, and insurance. Think about the pace of innovation and how much use — realistically — this tool can expect.
Whether building professionals need something new or something more, The Home Depot's rental service has the breadth and depth of tools to tackle almost any job. Check out The Home Depot tool rental the next time a job calls for something innovative or special.

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