How to Disguise Ceiling Flaws with Affordable Beam Wraps

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Ceiling imperfections can be something as small as a crack in the drywall or a ceiling slope to something larger and harder to conceal like aluminum ductwork, exposed structural elements, lackluster beams, or a bulkhead. They’re all unattractive, and they may be collecting dirt, dust, and grime, too.
But, you don’t have to let your unsightly ceilings bring you down, you can easily and affordably turn them into an architectural feature. There is a wide range of wood beam and faux beam products, as well as wrap materials out there to achieve a common goal – to cover ceiling flaws, imperfections, and structural elements.
Here, we’ll take a look at the various materials that can be used to wrap a beam or disguise a ceiling imperfection. Keep reading to explore your options and choose the best one for your style and budget.
Different Types of Beam Wrap Materials
The material you choose to complete your project largely depends on your budget and how much of the job you want to DIY. Below is a list of materials you can use to transform the look of your ceiling.
Real Wood Planks

Heavy Hand Hewn Wood Planks in Warm NaturalUse real wood planks to frame around any elements you wish to disguise. The goal here is to make your exposed ductwork, electrical work, etc., look like a gorgeous wood beam.
If you choose wood planks, you’ll need some level of woodworking skills to properly join them together to form a 3-sided beam. If you aren’t comfortable with that, hiring a contractor will help, but will add to your cost.
< Heavy Hand Hewn Wood Planks in Warm Natural

Faux Wood Planks

Heavy Hand Hewn Wood Planks in Warm NaturalFaux wood planks are made from high-density polyurethane, making them lighter and more affordable than real wood, without sacrificing looks. Just like real wood planks, faux wood planks can be used to create a 3-sided beam to cover ceiling imperfections, so you’ll need some woodworking knowledge to join the planks together.
<Tuscany Faux Wood Planks in Caramel
Pre-Assembled Real Wood Beams
Unfinished faux wood beams custom painted whiteCeiling beams made from real wood are a great beam wrap material option for homeowners who want the look and texture of solid wood.
Real wood beams from Barron Designs are completely customizable to wrap around any ceiling flaw in your home. With pre-assembled beams, you won’t have to worry about making special cuts or mitering any joints, it's all done for you!
Real wood beams are available in 3 styles and several color varieties including unfinished, and suit any look from modern to farmhouse chic.
< Unfinished faux wood beams custom painted white

Pre-Assembled Polyurethane Faux Wood Beams

Resawn Faux Wood Beams in Gray PatinaLike real wood beams, Barron Designs' faux wood beams are designed to mimic the look of a solid 4-sided beam. Faux wood beams, however, are made from durable high-density polyurethane and then hand-painted to achieve the natural wood grain look and texture of real wood.Compared to other beam wrap materials like real wood, faux wood beams are more affordable to purchase, ship, install, and maintain.
<Resawn Faux Wood Beams in Gray Patina
If you prefer to DIY your home improvement projects, pre-assembled faux wood beams don’t require any special skills or tools to install, making it easy to wrap around bulky, metallic ductwork.
Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring is a less common beam wrap material but can be used in the same way as wood planks. This option could provide some cost savings if you happen to have enough leftover prefinished flooring in your home for the project.
MDF Planks
Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is an affordable wood alternative that could be used to upgrade your ceiling and cover ceiling flaws. It’s often used to build beams that can later be painted or stained to match crown molding throughout the home. MDF is a smooth material, and typically heavier than natural wood, so use caution if you plan to DIY this project.
MDF can also be more susceptible to damage from moisture, so this isn't a great product to use in bathrooms or on exterior-covered porches.
If you’re looking for something with the same smooth surface as the rest of your ceiling, drywall is a great option. Drywall can be painted to complement any look, but it still requires some assembly to combine drywall pieces to wrap a beam or hide other ceiling imperfections.
How to Use Wood Beams to Hide Ceiling Flaws
Instead of just camouflaging them, turn your ugly structural beams, bulkheads, and ductwork into the most gorgeous design element of the room.
Barron Designs’ wood and faux wood beams come pre-assembled to your exact specifications, and ready to install. Whether you choose to DIY the installation or hire a contractor, it can be completed in a matter of hours.
To ensure a successful project, here are a few tips and tricks:

  • If you’re wrapping an existing beam, consider how you’ll attach the new beam. You may need to use the studs behind the drywall or attach wood blocks to the installation location.
  • Our beams are completely customizable. If you are unable to configure the size you need, contact us. Wood and faux wood beams can even be made to fit ceilings with a threshold of different heights, such as a room addition.
  • Faux beams can easily accommodate recessed light fixturesductwork, and even chandeliers and ceiling fans.
  • Beams are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. If you’re unsure which is best for the look you’re going for, order samples so you can see your choices in person.
  • Add accessories to your new beam for an extra pop of personality.
Make a Huge Room Transformation with Premade Ceiling Beams
Heritage Faux Wood Beam In Light Oak
^Heritage Faux Wood Beam In Light Oak
You don’t have to live with unsightly ceiling imperfections! Cover them with gorgeous wood beams that are affordable, easy to install, low-maintenance, and long-lasting.
3-sided wood beams are the most durable, DIY-friendly option compared to other beam wrap materials. Are you ready to get started? Take a look at our collection of wood and faux wood beams, and get inspired!
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