‘Floor’ Your Clients: Five Trends to Consider For Your Next Remodel

In any residence, the floor is a haven for creativity that sets the home’s overall tone. Thanks to new material design and application innovations, remodelers and clients have a wealth of options available to pursue a luxurious, yet affordable floor revitalization. In turn, it’s essential to pay close attention to the latest flooring trends and techniques to guide client conversations and bring imaginative ideas to life.


History Can Repeat Itself

What does a home that used to house a family of two parents and nine boys look like 90 years later? This 1920 historic home was strategically placed on two acres of exquisite land in Santa Barbara, with stunning views in all directions. By 2010, the house had seen better days. Water damage, sunken floors and overall time had done its damage, but Allen Construction remodelers were up for the challenge.


Coaching Excellence Delivers Project Success

When Ken Connor first saw the home in 2008 it was the Milwaukee Breast Cancer home. The three-story house was sold to the current owners shortly thereafter. A beautiful 1918 historic home overlooking Lake Michigan, this house had great bones. Connor Remodeling and the homeowners have had a long-standing relationship and worked on many remodeling projects over the years.


Hemingway and Truman would have loved small-duct AC in Key West

When Hurricane Irma slammed into Key West, Florida in early September, thankfully it left two historic properties intact and largely unscathed. The island is host to both President Harry S. Truman’s vacation getaway and the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum – two places that exemplify the allure of tropical living, preserve noteworthy moments in history, and welcome thousands of curious tourists annually.


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