How to Get Found on Google - Tips for Remodelers

Growing your local business depends on the number of ideal customers you can reach. If you’re a service-area based business, you’ll need to target local leads instead of anyone across the country. Oftentimes, local businesses make the mistake of reaching customers who don’t qualify for their services.  
For example, let’s say your remodeling business is in Vienna, VA, and you serve customers within a 50-mile radius. A homeowner from Blacksburg, VA (255 miles away) is looking for a kitchen remodel and your business appears in their Google search results. How can that happen? That prospect is way outside your 50-mile service area and does not qualify as a good lead. Let’s delve into local reach marketing and how to make sure your remodeling business is reaching the right leads. 

Determining Local Visibility

Google’s recommendations and our proven recommendations are combined to help find the best match for any given online search. We like to call them the 5 pillars of online visibility:
  1. Recency
  2. Relevance
  3. Distance
  4. Prominence
  5. Availability
Let’s do a quick exercise. Go to Google and search for your business, your services, and your local market. What do the search results look like? What information do you see about your business? This quick test will help you identify any discrepancies in your local reach and you can identify areas of improvement. 
After all, Google favors businesses in local search results that:
  • Match as the most relevant results for a given search
  • Provide the most detailed and accurate information 
  • Actively manage their online presence

Local Reach Marketing Checklist

If you can’t find your business in local search results or you see inaccurate information, here’s a checklist to increase your local reach.

Business Listings

Did you know there are 50+ sites that show your business information? The more listings you have, the more proximity signals you create for your business to increase the odds of appearing in local search queries. Maintaining those directory listings is one of the most important factors in increasing your local reach. 
Need to check if your customers can find your business online? Check your visibility through our free business listings tool.

Online Reviews

Are you regularly requesting and responding to your online reviews? The more reviews you have and the more you build towards a higher star rating, the more prominent your local business becomes in search results.


Your local business should never stop optimizing its website. Getting found in local search results is directly tied to maintaining and optimizing your website. Here are a couple of tactics that will boost your local reach.
  • Add structured data and local schema to your website code
  • Build location-based pages onto your website
  • Consistently publish relevant content to your website’s blog


At Surefire Local, we like to say “Content is still King!” Content plays a huge role in your local search rank. When you consistently publish new blogs, social posts, images, and videos, your business will more than likely appear higher in local search results.


Surefire Local
Surefire Local provides the industry’s most complete local marketing platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses make online marketing easier so they can grow profitably. Through its flagship product, Surefire Local Marketing Platform™, locally-focused businesses of all sizes can remove digital roadblocks hindering growth, gain insights, and take action to attract and engage new and current customers through measurable, multi-channel marketing.

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