Remodelers express optimism at 2012 Remodeling Show

Another Remodeling Show is in the books, and the buzz from the show floor was that although it was smaller, there were a lot of niche products exhibiting that were just the items many remodelers were looking for to fulfill a client’s need.

Although we don’t leave the booth much during the show, many remodelers were coming by to share stories about how business is doing in their area. The mood was certainly a lot more uplifting from last year, where doom and gloom seemed to dominate. Many reported that business had been picking up, though all admitted that they weren’t getting the larger sized projects of yesteryear.

The general sense is that the market is now very ZIP code specific, with those reporting a slowdown acknowledging that remodelers working a neighborhood over were busier.

Everyone acknowledges that consumers are very price conscious and much more knowledgeable about products—one of the reasons that many were there at the Remodeling Show, to keep up-to-date on new products.

NARI members stopped by and shared ideas on how they’ve tweaked their businesses in this past year to remain successful. We’ll be posting these interviews on NARI’s YouTube channel throughout the week.

Look for pictures from the show from NARI’s Facebook page.

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