NARI National CotY Season is Here!

The National CotY Awards program has launched and this year’s competition is better than ever.  We’re hosting the program online again this year, and we’ve streamlined the entry process to make entering as simple as possible.

More Categories Jackson Design and Remodeling.Kitchens Over 120K (4)

NARI has expanded the category offerings to 37 to be more in-line with the types of projects our members are woking on. See a full list here. There’s a category for every project.

Marketing Your Business

Winning a CotY award is a great way to market your business and show the nation just how good you areThe numerous marketing opportunities available to CotY winners help set your business apart from other remodeling companies, and NARI helps by providing tools and resources to make the most of this distinguished honor.

NARI sends press releases announcing both regional and national winners to more than 10,000 publications nationwide, many that request imagery from the award-winning projects. Click here for highlights in a recent digital publication. All winners receive press release templates ready for customization and distribution in their local markets.

Certification Scholarships Awarded to CotY Winners

Again this year, all CotY winners will be awarded partial scholarships applicable toward new certification fees. All Regional and National CotY winning companies (including team members) will be able to help offset staff members’ new certification costs. Regional winners will receive a $100.00 scholarship; National winners will receive an additional $50.00 scholarship ($150 total).

 Updated Fees and Deadlines:

Early Bird

$150.00 if paid and entry submitted by November 3, 2014


$160.00 if paid and entry submitted by November 24, 2014 (pre-Thanksgiving)

Late Entry

$185.00 if paid and entry submitted by December 5, 2014

Green or Universal Design Project Recognition +$50

Each Team Member +$70

To get started on your entry go to

The NARI Achievement Awards are also online 

The NARI Achievement Awards recognize individuals, member companies, and chapters for outstanding leadership and activities throughout 2014.  Don’t forget to nominate outstanding leaders for these special honors. The Achievement Award deadline is December 5, 2014

New This Year

Mary Busey Harris, CAE Professionalism Award  

Mary Busey Harris, CAE, NARI's Executive Vice President from 2003 to 2014.

Mary Busey Harris, CAE, NARI’s Executive Vice President from 2003 to 2014.

Mary Busey Harris, CAE, served as NARI’s Executive Vice President from 2003 to 2014. During this time Mary was instrumental in raising the standards of professionalism, and brought renewed awareness of the value of exceptional leadership and dedication at the chapter level. In 2014 NARI renamed this award in Mary’s honor.

The Mary Busey Harris, CAE, Professionalism Award is presented to a NARI member or chapter staff person, who has shown exceptional leadership, devotion, dedication, and accomplishment through his or her efforts to promote NARI as a professional organization at the local level.

To submit a nomination for any of the 11 Achievement Awards go to .

Not Sure?

There is no upfront commitment. Members can go to our online entry system and try it out to see how easy it is to enter. Payment is not required to assemble your entry.

Are you ready? Go to to get started.

Questions? E-mail

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