Subcontractors important to remodeling success

As we near the end of Subcontractor Appreciation Month, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) wants to recognize its subcontractor member as professionals who provide specialized services to homeowners through partnerships with NARI contractors.

One such professional is heating and air conditioning expert, Jeffrey Allan Smith, CRS, president of J.A. Smith Heating & AC, based in Warminster Pa.

Smith grew up around the heating and A/C professional, as he learned the trade from his father who worked as an installer. “My mother wouldn’t allow me to sit around–she made me help my father,” Smith says.

Smith now realizes that the extra work paid off. He operates a successful heating and air conditioning company with an emphasis on energy-efficient systems such as hybrid and dual fuel heat pumps and ductless and geothermal heating and cooling systems.

“I am constantly challenging myself as a heating and air conditioning professional, staying ahead on new developments and innovations in the industry that conserve energy and therefore reduce energy costs,” Smith says.

Certified Remodeler Specialist

One of the ways in which Smith challenges himself is through certifications. He earned his NARI Certified Remodeler Specialist designation June 2012.

He says the CRS designation sets him apart from his competition and exemplifies his commitment to professionalism. “It’s nice to see an exam for someone working in HVAC–and offers people who are experienced and good at what they do–a way to set themselves apart,” Smith says.

The certification is an extension of the Certified Remodeler (CR) education program, and it focuses both on the remodeling industry and the supporting professionals of that industry, converging each unique perspective into one. The CRS program improves subcontractor/contractor relationships by focusing on knowledge of techniques and business practices of the remodeling industry and an area of technical expertise such as concrete and masonry work, electrical, insulation, mechanical systems, plumbing systems, and roofing and siding.

“Successful relationships between contractors and subcontractors require a little bit of knowledge from both sides of the professions in order to function well,” Smith says.

When considering his role as the subcontractor from the contractor’s perspective, Smith says he hopes others appreciate his attention to detail and communication skills.

“I try very hard at communicating well with contractors and homeowners throughout the project and even have the ability to communicate complex subjects into laymen’s terms so that homeowners understand their options,” he says.

NARI members are happy to give professionals like Smith the extra appreciation because they understand that a certified subcontractor will get the work done properly and make sure the homeowners are completely satisfied.

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