OSHA is knocking at my door…what do I do? by Geoffrey S. Trotier,Labor and Employment Law Section at von Briesen, s.c

It’s a Monday morning at your job site. Just like any other Monday. Traffic was annoying, but tolerable. You only had one no call/no show. Just an average day…until someone in a grey OSHA Polo shirt with a clipboard shows up. This is why people hate Mondays. What should I do?


“What a Difference a Day Makes”

This award is presented to a chapter for work done as a community project to enhance the community and increases the awareness of NARI in the community, both locally and nationally.


How I built my business: Curb Appeal Renovations

When I graduated high school, I decided to join the Marines, where I served as a firefighter and paramedic for a trauma rescue helicopter squad in Virginia. After I was discharged, I continued working as a firefighter/paramedic, which gave me a lot of time off because of the shifts. I started helping build custom decks for a friend’s business. Then, in 1995, I moved back to Texas because I was offered a job as a paramedic in Fort Worth. My working schedule gave me time to help my dad, who was flipping houses along with his flooring business. It made me realize that I wasn’t going to make a living helping out, so I started my own business in 1995 while still continuing my work as a firefighter/paramedic.


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