New 2016 NARI Certified Professionals

A NARI certification identifies remodelers who go the extra step to develop the skills and knowledge that deliver on the promise of Remodeling Done Right. We would like to acknowledges the following members for their personal achievements, improved level of practice and role as a leader in our industry.


John Benedetto, UDCP Sun Design Remodeling Specialists, Inc.
Bradley M. Cashin, UDCP New England Design & Construction
Jason Cook, CRPM Brackmann Construction, Inc.
Ian Cooper, CKBR Snew, Inc.
James Dyott, CRPM,CLC Hopkins & Porter Construction, Inc.
Susie Feia, CKBR,UDCP Feia Construction
Cory Fields, CRPM Schroeder Design/Build
Bruce A Gebhard, Sr, CRPM Westring Construction, LLC
Anthony Gonzalez, CRPM Brackmann Construction, Inc.
Noah Jay-Bonn, CLC Craftsman Design & Renovation, LLC
Wendy Jensen, CRPM Home Works Remodeling
Ridas Kalade, CRPM Pryor Construction, Inc.
Robert Kryder, CRPM Kryder Construction
Daniel Lowther, CRPM JNT Building and Remodeling
Jason Mankin, CRPM KC Home Solutions
Kelly McDermott, UDCP Highmark Builders, Inc.
Matthew Morrison, CRPM The Remodeling Co., Inc.
Dane Perkins, CKBR GMH Construction, Inc.
Kathryn Petruzzo, CKBR Harth Builders
Samantha Pratt, CKBR Harth Builders
Timothy P Reilly, CRPM New Paradigm Builders a dba of Paulete Builder Remodeler, LLC
Curt Roth, CRPM MSK Design Build
Rebecca Sabourin, UDCP J & J Contractors, LLC
Susan Strothman, UDCP White Crane Construction, LLC
Hilary Ward, UDCP New England Design & Construction
Grant Young, CRPM Hanson Building & Remodeling

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