How to Find Construction Workers for Your Remodeling Business

Guest Blog by Rita Melkonian

Finding skilled workers for your remodeling business can be tough. According to US Market research, the demand for home improvement services is on the rise. This means that remodeling companies are getting more work, which is great for business, but it also means they need to find construction workers who are skilled enough to take on the influx of new projects.

Whether you’re looking for construction workers, designers, or salespeople, it’s always a challenge to find experienced employees who are knowledgeable and who will stay loyal to your company. And since there is a shortage in skilled workers, especially in the field of construction, it is becoming harder and harder to hire and retain good employees.

Read on to learn how to find construction workers and other skilled tradespeople who will help grow your remodeling business.

Hire at the right time

If you’re looking to hire at the height of the remodeling season, chances are you’re going to hire someone out of desperation. And hiring out of desperation is never a good idea because you’ll probably end up with a worker who is just as desperate to find the first job that lands on their lap.

The key to hiring skilled workers is to start looking for candidates well before the construction season kicks in so you have more time to do research and to be more selective. In other words, the best time to hire experienced employees is when you need them the least.

Prepare a clear job description

Finding the perfect candidate for the job starts with preparing a clear job description. Make sure you include all the responsibilities and your expectations so you can filter out people who do not match your description.

If your job description is unclear or is missing key elements, you’re just going to waste your time sifting through unqualified candidates, or worse, taking the time to interview them only to find out they are far from what you are looking for. Be clear. Be precise. And include any pertinent information that relates to the position.

Refine your interview skills

Now that you’ve posted a clear job description during low season, it’s time to refine your interview skills. You want to ask the right questions to get to know your candidates and to determine whether or not they’re a right fit for the position, but you have to be careful not to steer them toward answers that you want to hear.

You want your candidates to reveal their skills and their experiences and to answer your questions as candidly as possible without being influenced by you. The interview process needs to be honest on both sides, otherwise finding a good employment match won’t be possible.

Ask for references

Many employers ignore this part of the hiring process, but it’s an important step when it comes to hiring skilled construction workers, designers, and salespeople. Even just asking for references without actually checking them is a good idea because you’ll be able to determine whether your candidate is willing or reluctant to share their references.

If you end up following up with the references, you’ll get a better idea about what type of worker your candidate actually is. If they pass with flying colors, it will give you that extra push you need to make your decision. And if they fail miserably, you’ll be thankful not to have wasted more of your time.

Train your new hires

One of the biggest mistakes made by employers is to not offer training to new employees. Even if you’ve hired someone who is skilled, you need to nurture them and train them so they can reach their full potential and excel within your company.

For example, if you’ve just hired a designer to help design kitchens and bathrooms, you need to train them on the kitchen and bathroom design software your company uses. If you’ve hired a construction worker, you need to train them on the equipment you use, on your protocols, and on your company’s work ethic.

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