Accredited Remodeling Company (ARC)

NARI Accreditation: A Hallmark of Excellence


Do you have what it takes?

Getting your company accredited is a worthy endeavor that builds excellence and distinction for your business. Elevate your company’s profile and position in the industry. Invest the time and resources into the NARI accreditation program and through the process, you will improve your company’s business systems.

Benefits of Accreditation

The investment of time and money provides benefits including:

  • Plan your roadmap for increased profitability
  • Participate in continuous improvement processes
  • The goal is better, not necessarily bigger companies
  • Take advantage of third party validation of your company’s programs and services
  • Follow a higher set of standards for your company’s process, programs and people

Enjoy recognition of THE Industry Standard – use the NARI ARC logo and marketing materials to stand out.


Who's Eligible?

Companies eligible for the NARI accreditation program typically fall between just under one million dollars in revenue to over $50 million. The NARI ARC program focuses on remodeling companies such as:

  • Build-only remodeling company
  • Design/Build remodeling company
  • General Contractor
  • Kitchen & Bath remodeling company
  • Historic Renovation company

Remodeling companies that meet the following minimum requirements may be eligible to apply for accreditation:

  • Continuous operation as a remodeling business for at least five consecutive years.
  • Continuous operation as a remodeling business for at least three years and demonstrated experience in remodeling by a management team of at least five consecutive years (with review of management team resumes).


Application Process

Step 1: Company Self-Assessment
Step 2: Download and Request an Application
Step 3: Complete and Submit Your Application
Step 4: Reviewing Your Application 
Step 5: The Decision Process

Please download the ARC Brochure for further details. 

What are the Fees?