Accredited Remodeling Company (ARC)

NARI Accreditation: A Hallmark of Excellence


What is NARI Accreditation?

NARI’s Accredited Remodeling Company program is based on the first consensus-based management standard outlining the primary characteristics of a successful, quality remodeling organization. It was designed specifically by the industry for the industry.

While NARI Certifications apply to individual industry professionals, NARI Accreditation is designed to apply to a remodeling business as a whole.

NARI Accreditation is founded on universally accepted management principles and focuses on management, operations, performance systems, and processes proven to be characteristic of successful remodeling organizations. 

Only well-structured remodeling organizations become accredited by demonstrating their business framework complies with our industry standard for integrity, professionalism, and solid business operations.

Benefits of Accreditation

Getting your company accredited is a worthy endeavor that builds excellence and distinction for your business.

80% of clients would prefer to work with an accredited organization

  • Validate your professionalism and dedication to quality
  • Elevate your company’s profile and position in the industry
  • Improve your company’s business systems
  • Plan your roadmap for increased profitability
  • Participate in continuous improvement processes
  • Save money through operational improvements

Enjoy the recognition of THE Industry Standard – use the NARI Accredited Remodeling Company logo and marketing materials to stand out.


Who's Eligible?

Remodeling companies of all sizes and specialties are eligible for NARI Accreditation

  • Build-only remodeling company
  • Design/Build remodeling company
  • General Contractor
  • Kitchen & Bath remodeling company
  • Historic Renovation company

Minimum Requirements

  • Continuous operation as a remodeling business for at least five (5) consecutive years.
  • Continuous operation as a remodeling business for at least three (3) years and demonstrated experience in remodeling by a management team of at least five (5) consecutive years (with review of management team resumes).


Accreditation Process

Step 1: Perform company self-assessment using the Self-Assessment Checklist

Step 2: Submit a Request for Application stating intent to undergo accreditation within six (6) months

Step 3: Work on compliance with the Standard

Step 4: Submit your official accreditation application and supporting documentation for review

Step 5: NARI Accreditation Board reviews accreditation application and supporting documentation for compliance with Standard

Step 6: NARI Accreditation Board makes an official decision on applicant accreditation 

Step 7: Receive Accreditation certificate, logo, and marketing toolkit for promotion of your Accreditation

Accreditation Fees