Upcoming Live Webinars

NARI has developed a strong network of knowledgeable speakers on a variety of topics relevant to the remodeling industry. 

Each year, we deliver dozens of live educational webinars to give you access to the most up-to-date content. 

These educational sessions will give you many actionable ideas you can implement in your company to boost profitability and overall operational effectiveness. 

Each webinar is worth one Continuing Education Unit (hour).

Anchoring Your Role as the Expert

September 19, 2019 at 12 PM Central Time

Presented by Cambria
This webinar will review critical points on how you and your team can better own your role as the “expert” in any design build or renovation project and influence an efficient and effective material selection process that positively impacts your bottom line (specifically saving time and reinforcing sound decision making).  Attend this complimentary Webinar and hear Cambria’s Channel expert Sarah Lien explain how to:
  • Recognize and remind yourself on critical areas to train your staff
  • Drive effective business management through confident sell in of material selection
  • Eliminate paralysis analysis and shorten your selling cycle
  • Secure higher bottom line results with a good better best pricing strategy
  • Generate more profits
  • Partner with brands that generate leads for your business

Universal Design - a Global Paradigm

September 24, 2019 at 12 PM Central Time

This session is designed to educate on a holistic view of Universal Design and its contributing factors. The Seven Principles of Universal Design will be covered and we will review the scope of the term “ability”, address the various human factors affected by disabilities, and how design can either diminish or enhance those abilities. The presentation works through how to blend UD principles into actual structural and interior design planning and selection.

Big 8 Exterior Door Installation Mistakes

October 3, 2019 at 12 pm Central Time

To create an effective building envelope, all penetrations in the exterior shell must be well sealed. This is especially true around windows and doors. Poor air sealing around windows and doors can allow the uncontrolled movement of air to infiltrate and exit the building increasing energy costs, reducing comfort, and negatively impacting indoor air quality.
This learning unit will specifically look at the industry compliance standards in residential construction related to air sealing around doors, the best choice in air sealing products available today, and additional resources available to learn more about air sealing around windows and doors.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the importance of air sealing around doors
  • List specific industry specifications related to air sealing around doors
  • Understand common installation mistakes on exterior door installation
  • Utilize additional resources related to best practices in air sealing and installing exterior doors

Knock the Socks off Your Clients: Rendering and Presentation Techniques

October 17, 2019 at 12 pm Central Time

Presented by John Morgan of 2020 Spaces

With almost Sci-Fi quality technology swirling around them, Clients today expect (sometimes demand) to be Wowed when it comes to designer presentations. And knocking their socks off is imperative to all of us to close that sale. But great renderings and presentations can do so much more for our businesses. They can help set the right client expectations up front to prevent issues later. Preventing future issues protects our margins. They can easily offer multiple design options and make it easier to for all of us to make smart decisions in design. That leads to happy customers. And they can help inspire clients to both works with us and create their future spaces.

Join me in this session as I share best practices in the most advanced, yet easy design, rendering and presentation technique used by successful designers just like you. From design technology to digital output to true Virtual Reality experiences … we’ll learn a lot and have some fun too.

Learning Objectives:

• Discuss best practices in leveraging previous projects to inspire clients
• Learn quick techniques in evolving renderings into marketing quality presentations
• Learn how to easily and affordably incorporate 360 immersive views and Virtual Reality into your presentation process

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