NARI’s quarterly Remodeling Business Pulse Survey provides an outlook on remodeling activity three months out, based on real-world activity from NARI remodelers. This survey looks at number of inquiries, requests for bids, conversion to sales and sales value of jobs sold. This data provides an accurate reflection on what the remodeling market will be like in three months because it’s based on true-to-life data from a panel of NARI remodelers.

In addition, NARI does a comprehensive Member Profile Study on a yearly basis to truly understand the companies that comprise NARI membership. This detailed survey provides information on number of employees, sales volume, what types of projects NARI members are engaged in, how their businesses are set up for tax purposes, what their sales tactics are like, and what percentage of their business comes from what types of project.

This data is then compared with research from the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI), and year after year it shows that NARI members continue to be above the industry in general:

  • More employees
  • More sales
  • More productive (sales per employee)

Committee related file may be found here.