Certified Remodeler/Certified Remodeler Specialist/Certified Remodeler Associate (CR/CRS/CRA)

  • Are you a full service remodeler?
  • Do you support the remodeling industry as a trade contractor or supplier?
  • Are you looking for a way to set yourself apart from the competition?

If so, then NARI’s CR, CRS, or CRA designation may be for you.

Certified Remodeler (CR)

CRNARI Certified Remodelers (CRs) are professional remodelers who provide a full range of remodeling services. To become a CR, candidates must possess skill and knowledge in a broad range of business management and technical skill areas.

Key points covered during the study group:

  • You will learn business operations and procedures that will help drive your company to success
  • You will learn the key financial indicators that a remodeler/business owner must be aware of to manage a remodeling company successfully
  • You will learn the various marketing tools remodelers use to promote their services
  • You will learn the ins and outs of building codes and dealing with code officials
  • You will learn the fundamental of jobsite evaluation and how to look for the hidden defects and unknown conditions
  • You will learn the basics of green remodeling and building science
  • You will learn the capabilities of the various trades required on the remodeling project and now to determine if the job is done right
  • And much, much more

The CR Study Group will fine tune your competencies in all areas essential to success as residential remodeling professional. The CR Study Group is a facilitated program that will build your knowledge in all areas of residential remodeling and serves as preparation for the Certified Remodeler (CR) exam. It also supports the preparation for the Certified Remodeler Specialist (CRS) and Certified Remodeler Associate (CRA).

To qualify for the CR designation, applicants must meet all of the following:

  • Be employed by or own a firm that derives at least 90% of its sales volume through remodeling work
  • Adhere to NARI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Have a minimum of five years continuous experience in the remodeling industry
  • Completed 16 hours of continuing education
  • Successfully completed a comprehensive application that details their background and experience
  • Successfully complete a one-day written examination addressing 20 knowledge areas related to general remodeling practices and business
  • Submit all required application materials and fees

Certified Remodeler Specialist (CRS)

CRSNARI Certified Remodeler Specialists (CRSs) are professional remodelers who focus on specific type of work and serve the needs of homeowners interested in their area of technical excellence, such as concrete and masonry work, electrical work, insulation, mechanical systems, plumbing systems, and roofing and siding.

To qualify for a CRS, applicants must meet the same requirements as a CR.

Certified Remodeler Associate (CRA)

CRANARI Certified Remodeler Associates (CRAs) actively support the remodeling industry in professions such as architects, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants.

To qualify for a CRA, applicants must meet the same requirements as a CR.

Fees for certification:



Annual renewal fee:



*If an applicant is found to not be qualified to sit for the exam, this fee will be refunded, minus a $125 processing charge.

Is an online study group more convenient for you to prepare for the test? Check out NARI’s online CR/CRA/CRS prep program.

Fees for the online prep program:



**NO refunds will be provided for any reason for cancellations 48 hours prior to the class start date.