CLC Topic Review

Construction Trades Part 1.

Construction Trades Questions currently make up 32 to 41% of the exam.

Carpentry                          Makes up  9 to 10%  of current exam

  1. Define the terms associated with carpentry.
  2. Describe the purpose of and support methods of beams and girders.
  3. Describe the proper framing methods of walls (load and non-load bearing).
  4. Describe the purpose, proper spacing, and sizing of floor joists.
  5. Describe the various special floor systems including the parallel-chord truss.
  6. Describe the use of panelized floor systems including precautions when making modifications.
  7. Describe the various methods of constructing stairs.
  8. Calculate the number and size of risers and treads (less nosing) for a given stair run.

Windows and Doors                    Makes of 3 to 4%   of the current exam                  

  1. Describe the various construction techniques that can be employed to reduce noise transfer within the residence.
  2. Define terms associated with windows and doors.
  3. Describe the two methods of replacing windows.
  4. Describe the NFRC window label components.

Interior Finishes                Makes up  5 to 6% of the current exam

  1. Define terms associated with plaster application and repair.
  2. Define terms associated with dry wall application and repair.
  3. Identify and describe the advantages of the various types of dry wall available.
  4. Describe the installation procedures used for dry wall.
  5. Describe the two basic types of paint.
  6. Describe how clean up for different types of paint varies.
  7. Describe how to properly prepare a surface for paint.
  8. Describe the type and application process for hardwood floor finishing.

Insulation               Makes up 2 to 3% of the current exam

  1. Define terms associated with insulation evaluation and installation.
  2. Identify the boundaries of the thermal envelope.
  3. Identify the architectural symbols associated with insulation.
  4. Describe the sources of moisture in a residence.
  5. Identify the methods of moisture and vapor transfer.
  6. Describe the use of caulk and weather strips to stop or attenuate air leakage.
  7. Identify common sources of heat loss in a modern home.
  8. Describe moisture control as it relates to insulation installation.

Roofing & Siding                Makes up 2 to 3% of the current exam

  1. Define terms associated with roofing and siding.
  2. Describe the various roofing systems in use today.
  3. Describe the various flashing types used on roofing and the specifications of each.