CR Tools, Jobsite Safety, and Building Science

Remodeling Tools and Jobsite Safety.

Questions from this topic make up 14 to 18% of the current exam
  1. Discuss a plan for the purchase, inspection, and identification of tools that require replacement and repair
  2. Discuss your options for purchasing or renting power tools appropriate to the task at hand
  3. Recognize an unsafe work environment
  4. List the components of a project specific safety and emergency information plan
  5.  Describe the requirements for compliance to OSHA safety regulations to include:
  1. hand and power tools
  2. safety inspections of all power tools
  3. fall protection
  4. setup and use of scaffolding and ladders
  5. excavations deeper than 2 feet
  6. conducting regular safety meetings
  7. conducting safety training for employees
  8. fire extinguishers
  9. unsafe materials
  10. safety data sheets
  1. Manage or maintain an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP)

Building Science Processes.

Questions from this topic make up 10 to 15% of the exam
  1. Define Building Science
  2. Describe the effects of building placement and orientation on the performance of the building to include sun angle, and heat gain/loss when specifying windows
  3. Describe the dynamics of the building envelope
  4. Describe the cause and effect of building practices that do not comply with accepted building science guidelines.
  5. Determine a building’s heat loss/gain and make recommendations to improve efficiency
  6. Determine the impact of various landscape components on the buildings heat signature

Kitchen and Baths.

Questions from this topic currently make up 3 to 7% of the exam
  1. Specify materials to be used in a kitchen and bathroom remodel
  2. Describe the process of managing kitchen and bathroom remodels
  3. Describe the process of inspecting the installation of all materials in a kitchen and bathroom
  4. Discuss accessibility standards used in the design of kitchens and bathrooms
  5. Describe NKBA design guidelines to help in kitchen and bathroom design