CR Construction Trades 1

Construction Trades Part 1.

Construction Trades Questions currently make up 20 to 25% of the exam.

A.         Carpentry Techniques and Processes

1.         Rough Carpentry

  1. Identify materials used in remodeling and their appropriate uses
  2. Estimate the lumber requirements of a remodeling project
  3. Identify defects in lumber and their impact on use.
  4. Describe the methods used to frame wall and floor systems
  5. Specify the sheathing materials used to cover a roof or exterior wall
  6. Describe the advantages of engineered lumber in the remodeling process
  7. Use span tables in the code to determine appropriate sized joists and other components used in remodeling projects
  8. Describe the requirements and methods used to set up an onsite lumber storage area
  9. Describe the methods used to construct a roof and ceiling system
  10. Describe the special considerations when framing a floor system over a basement or crawl space

2.         Finish Carpentry

  1. Specify the type and estimate the amount of materials required to trim a remodeling project
  2. Evaluate space for cabinet installation, walls plumb and square and floor level
  3. Describe cabinet installation inspection procedures
  4. Evaluate stairways for meeting the building code requirements for dimensions for such components as stair width, riser height, tread length, and handrails and guardrails
  5. Describe the installation of trim around doors and windows
  6. Specify materials required for a stairway project
  7. Describe the installation of baseboard, base shoe, crown, and other moldings

3.         Window and Door Installation

  1. Specify exterior and interior doors
  2. Specify windows for a remodeling project
  3. Describe the advantage/disadvantage of various window coatings
  4. Describe the various types of window construction
  5. Describe the proper techniques to install  windows and exterior doors.

B.         Interior Finishing Procedures and Processes

  1.   Specify the appropriate drywall thickness and types for different applications
  2.   Estimate the required number of drywall sheets for a remodeling project
  3.   Describe the requirements associated with installation of drywall
  4.   Specify and estimate the amount of flooring product required for a remodeling project
  5.   Describe the methods used to inspect plaster walls and/or ceilings for signs of failure
  6.   Specify and estimate the amount of paint appropriate for a remodeling project
  7.   Describe the processes required to prepare surfaces to accept a painted finish
  8.   Describe the requirements associated with installing finished flooring

C.         Roofing and Siding Procedures and Processes

  1. Identify various roofing materials
  2. Describe the process to inspect for proper attic ventilation
  3. Describe the process to inspect the roofing process to ensure proper application of materials
  4. Describe the process of applying flashing to the building envelope to prevent moisture leaks
  5.  Identify the cause and prevention of ice dams