CR Construction Trades 2

Construction Trades Part 2.

Construction Trades Questions currently make up 20 to 25% of the exam.

D.         Insulation Requirements

  1. Identify potential points or areas of heat loss or gain in a building structure
  2. Identify the insulating properties of building products
  3. Identify the different types of insulation and describe the benefits, limitations, and drawbacks of each of the insulation types
  4. Describe the process of evaluating insulation products to ensure compliance with    local codes
  5. Determine the type and amount of insulation required in an attic and an exterior wall
  6. Identify processes required to properly air seal a building structure

E.         Electrical Systems

  1. Identify an electrical service that does not meet current code
  2. Identify aluminum wiring systems and specify corrective actions
  3. Identify the various types of electrical cable used in remodeling and construction projects and where and how it is used
  4. Inspect for proper clearance around electrical service and panels per code
  5. Inspect or test GFCI breakers and outlets for proper installation
  6. Specify AFCI’s as required by code

F.         Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)

  1. Describe backdrafting and its associated hazards
  2. Identify the corrective actions to prevent backdrafting
  3.  Identify mold and mildew, locate the cause, and describe corrective actions required
  4. Analyze the results of a blower door test
  5. Describe the purpose and operation of static and powered ventilators in the attic
  6. Describe the following heating/cooling systems
  1. forced air system
  2. hydronic heating system
  3. mini-splits
  4. high velocity ducted
  5. geothermal

G.         Plumbing Systems

  1. Describe existing water supply system and identify required modifications to support a remodeling project
  2. Describe the process of inspecting the installation of plumbing fixtures to ensure compliance with code and manufacturer's instructions
  3. Describe standard plumbing rough-ins to comply with codes
  4. Describe the standards used to inspect an existing DWV system and identify required modifications to support a remodeling project
  5. Describe the standards used to inspect the installation of a plumbing system to ensure compliance with design and local codes
  6. Describe the characteristics of the following:
  1. water heaters
  2. tankless water heaters
  3. combi water heaters
  1. Describe the characteristics of natural gas and propane supply systems
  2. Describe the demand requirements and sizing characteristics of common gas appliances 
  3. Describe the requirements and considerations of remodeling a home with an existing septic system

H.         Masonry and Concrete

  1. Describe the precautions that must be taken when working with old bricks
  2. Describe the signs of moisture damage in masonry and concrete
  3. Describe the requirements for properly finishing concrete
  4. Describe the requirements for proper base preparation for the installation of concrete slabs or pavers
  5. Describe the requirements and processes required for the installation of concrete footings and foundations