CR Topic Review

The Certification Board is in the process of updating the Certified Remodeler, Certified Remodeler Specialist, and Certified Remodeler Associate program.  The first step is to review the topics, knowledge, and skills that define the Certified Remodeler (CR). The Board completed this review in November of 2017.  The next step is to publish the results for review and comment.  The Certification Board is asking that you review the Knowledge Statements as they apply to you and your work as a remodeler.  Please provide comments using the links provided.

Who is a Certified Remodeler? 

A survey of NARI members found that the nature of the remodeling business and the remodelers that run them are as varied as they are individualistic. Some examples of remodelers follow:

  • the owner of a general contracting firm
  • the project manager at a kitchen and bath remodeling firm
  • the sales staff and estimator at a design build company
  • the owner operator of an handyman business
  • the project manager at a roofing and siding installation company
  • the owner of a window and door installation company
  • the owner operator of a single person boutique remodeling firm
  • a partner in a general remodeling firm

In addition the annual sales volume that remodeling businesses generate ranges from $100,000 to over $100 million in sales. Remodelers are owners, supervisors, superintendents, carpenters, designers, sales staff, and estimators at all levels of these companies. Based on our study the one thing that can be said is that there is not a typical remodeler. 


Certified Remodeler Specialist are recognized as remodelers who specialize in a particular area of the industry, such as Concrete and Masonry, Electrical Work, Insulation, Mechanical systems, Plumbing, Roofing, Windows and Doors, and Siding. Certified Remodeler Associates are recognized as individuals who actively support the remodeling industry in such fields as architecture, design, education, manufacturing, publishing, and consulting.

The Review

On the left you will find links to the specific topics and a listing of the knowledge/skill requirements that the CR exam tests to. You are invited to review and make comments regarding the requirements. In addition the Board would like to hear your comments regarding the use of technology by Certified Remodeler. 

Please make you comments using the the link provided on each page.