Benefits for National Members

National Members are those national industry allies—supplier, manufacturer, distributor—that are looking to have access and to interact with some of the most successful and active remodelers in the nation.members_are_superior_LO

Why join as a National Member:

  • Easy access to remodelers in top markets. 55% of the residential remodeling spending is concentrated in the top 35 U.S. markets, and NARI has local chapters in 32 of those markets.
  • More sales. NARI members have higher sales per employee when compared to the overall remodeler market, which means more products purchased.
  • Larger audience for your products. NARI member firms have more employees when compared to the overall remodeler market, which means more people will see your product, which can result in a greater volume of sales.
  • Save marketing dollars with use of the membership database for both e-mail and direct mail campaigns to reach the professional remodeler with your stand-alone message.
  • Ability for high-level discussions about product. NARI member firms have more full-time salespeople compared to the overall market, and they each generate more sales per employee. The result is a more sophisticated sales approach and a likely driver of efficiency.
  • Get connected with an automatic “seat” on the National Member Council—an opportunity to build strategic alliances with other supplier members and network face-to-face with top remodelers from across the nation.
  • Promote your company’s products and expertise in unique ways—through seminars, workshops, displays, social media and other unique marketing opportunities.