Connect with Our Chapters

How Best To Use This Program

You will want to consider your goals for the coming year and how you can bundle the appropriate options within this program to help you achieve them.  As yourself the following:

  • What are your objectives for the next 12 months to build your brand/revenue? 
  • Are there particular products, services, programs you will want to promote?
  • Who is your target audience and what combination of events, training, communication and incentive options within this program are available to help you reach this audience?
  • Is there a geographic focus or other targeting criteria to consider?
Engaging Chapters

Each chapter has an Industry Partner liaison. We encourage you or your local representative to reach out to the chapter liaison and discuss the best opportunities to engage at the local level. Review Chapter Profiles and engagement tips.

Some best practices to consider:

  • We encourage you to actively reach out to your chapter contact(s) and discuss the best opportunities to engage at the local level. Recommendations include: 
  • Check out their website and review their chapter profile as each one has a unique personality and go-to market strategy
  • Meet with the chapter executive
  • Attend chapter meetings. Ask for an opportunity to introduce your business
  • Attend/sponsor events
  • Be a resource and share industry updates and market intelligence 
  • Host a class that provides CEU or other educational opportunities 
  • Network. Get to know chapter members to further understand how to best position your products and services

As an Industry Partner representative, you are demonstrating your commitment to Remodeling Done Right™ and are an important resource to NARI members while promoting your company’s products and services. Thank you for you continued support of NARI and propelling the remodeling industry forward.